D47. Total Control of Vampirism. Vampire the Vampires.

VAMPIRISM, PROFIT and LOSS. There is a lot of vampirism at the heart of current mentalism, with a chain of vampirism coming down via ETs. What is the point of going for psi, if any energy produced is going to be vampired. All the vampires on Earth are the height of respectability and half of them are priests. Anyone trying to name and shame this lot will fall foul of the Establishment, scientific establishment, orthodox religion, the British Blasphemy Act, the Race Relations Act, any act covering freedom of religion, and the ethnic propaganda machines. They all want you to be good little peasants, even if they get caught in their own trap.

A VAMPIRE in literature is a being who can live for ever living on your blood. There are a number of immortals who remain stuck in one game by sucking your energy. There are reports of entities who have died, but fearing reincarnation try to put off the evil day by vampiring the living. They may have bodies of some sort or other. Followers of Zecharia Sitchin will not have far to look. A body may take many forms and could be such a thing as a zodiac or an Astral Body. Reincarnation applies to games as much as bodies. In a dynamic environment, everything should be recycled, including gods and games.

There is nothing for it to fight fire with fire and vampire the vampires. The procedure below may be rather short lived, and one will have to change "Vampire" back to "Destroy". Vampirism will run out when we have total control of vampirism. Only try vampiring those who are trying to vampire you. Trying to vampire friends and associates will make one as popular as a Jew. Find out who is currently vampiring who. If anything is fossilised or comes from the past, it can not be dynamic and should be purged.

FAIR TRADE. If one exchanges excess energy or energy one does not want for goods and services one does want, that is fair trade. If one gives up energy one does want, that is vampirism. What is fair trade is largely in the eye of the beholder. If there were no profit in it, there would be no point in anyone maintaining obsolete mental systems.

SIGNATURES. Try adding the following into command lists on any item which gives abreaction. See which one works at any one time. If no one is trying to vampire, then these may not be needed.

The procedure should be modified to suit current requirements. Add and delete as necessary. Subjects include. THE CREATION OF ENERGY. This will upset all the vampires and mind controllers as any new energy or psi will upset their apple cart. Any new energy is liable to be on a higher level than that of the mind controllers. There appears to be a key MATRIX of mind control. There also appear to be human nodes in this private matrix. APOCALYPSE is the state when all psychological start to collapse, provided one is above them. Apocalypse is a state where creation and destruction are approaching perfect balance. Amend the procedure and list of signatures with some of the following. Putting oneself in a state of apocalypse can be very useful for defence purposes. MIND STEALING. If someone points a gun at you, you have a legal right to disarm that person in most countries. If someone uses their mind as an offensive weapon, why not steal or take it from them. After all, they have stolen plenty from you. Provided one is in a state of apocalypse with creation and destruction in balance, any stolen mind will soon be neutralised. In the case of the theft of psi, you need to stop others doing it to you. It is worth looking at the ability to switch memes on and off. THE ULTIMATE SATAN. For this one, go in via his soft underbelly which is pedophilia and repressed homosexual sex mania. God does what Satan tells him. Do we need either?

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