D46. The Ways of Energy.

SIGNATURES are in order such as the following. If all perverse entities found are made responsible to oneself, they can not get up to their old tricks. This is quite safe provided one is above them. Signatures are necessary to establish authority over entities we wish to control to stop them controlling us. However one may have to handle Worshippers, Sinners, Lovers, Owners and Masters. At lower levels one has to purge personal minds to get into balance and enlightenment with higher entities. The position is now reversed. If mental entities want enlightenment, they have to purge their own rubbish to get into union with you. Try adding the following into command lists on any item which gives abreaction. See what works. OPEN ZODIACS. These are groups of memes which are currently active and open to other mentalism. They may be Trojan Horses acquired by unfortunate downloads. One is reminded of Back Orifice which is a computer virus which when loaded into your computer by a hacker, allows the hacker to take control of your computer. Among zodiac material, open zodiacs make the best target.

SATAN'S GUILTY SECRET. Assume that behind every black magician lies a pedophile and repressed homosexual sex maniac, and you may not be far wrong. Evidently the greater the priest, Mason or black magician lies a greater pedophile. All the writer was trying to do was access the Ultimate Satan to find out the secrets of the universe. All he got was a load of pedophilia. There seems to be little else to back Him up or act as a foundation.

Assume that behind every black magician lies a pedophile and repressed homosexual sex maniac, and you may not be far wrong. Assume that the greater the priest, Mason or black magician, the greater the pedophile and repressed homosexual maniac. It has reported that most pedophiles have themselves been victims as children. This sounds like a meme which is spread by child abuse. In order for the meme to reproduce, it must download from the abuser to the victim, and instruct the victim in turn to become the abuser. The guilt caused by this psychic virus pulls in other zodiacs and mentalism, resulting in a load of false spirituality. Such a meme makes very good sense for the purposes of the mind control of slaves. Sex is a very strong driving force, but heterosexuality is hard to control. Pedophilia and homosexuality make far better mind control tools, especially if it is suppressed to create guilt. Now the victim of such a virus must take drastic measures to make sure that he is never found out. This results in what appear to be the holiest of men and the mightiest black magicians that no one may touch.

The rules change. PSI AND MORPHIC ENERGY may be one and the same. There appears to be no connection to Spirit energy or spirituality. However Psi and Morphic energy are excellent at taking out the last of spirituality which is just a parasitic overlay. Psi and Morphic energy are good on removing parasites and negative psi. Positive energy neutralises the negative. Consider the following.

SPIRIT GUIDES seem to have been driving the writer on, even if he has been unaware of them most of the time. The procedure below is geared towards their needs. As they are not dualities, they need our brains in order to think or do anything. The main objective is to release and neutralise all available negative psi and negative energy. Another objective is to create or release all positive energies and psi.
MIND STRIPPING can be done to anyone who wants to lose obsolete minds. It can also be done to anyone who bares us malice to remove obsolete minds. It cannot be done to any dynamic mind anyone wants to keep. View threats of malice as cries of distress. A control mind must try to disseminate itself from person to person in order to survive, while the Guardian Angel involved is usually quite happy to see it destroyed. The principle targets are the fossilised minds of yesterday or Frost Giants.
THE GARDEN OF THE WRITER'S MIND. Anyone can enter. However those who do not come in peace and go in peace are liable to have their minds stripped. Subjects include. THINKING within the safety of one's own mind is all very well, but it may be better for psi if we think in the Physical Universe.
IMAGES we project of ourselves can be corrupted by perverse minds. These are the images which other people see of us, especially if they are looking at the psychological form. This can also be of importance in dreams, astral and cosmic travel.
COSMIC ENERGY. There is plenty of this without even going into astrology. There is Sun spot activity from the Sun which tends to be on a monthly basis, and Maurice Cotterell's book - "The Tomb of Viracocha" describes this. Madame Kolisko and others have shown how the position of planets can have small effects on metallic salts in solution. James Spottiswoode has pointed out (from the analysis of results) that the best time for university psi experiments is 13 hours 28 minutes local siderial time. This appears to be when one is facing the centre of the Galaxy, and suggests that the speed of psi "particles" is instantaneous.
THOUGHT is action at the level of mind control. A mind is a collection of thoughts. Free thought appears to hold the key to psi.
LOGIC overrides emotion. There is some very perverse logic around, and as in the list below, some apparently higher things are equally corrupted.
RANGE. It appears that one must go through the full range of emotions and attributes. There are perverse versions of just about everything. A PSYCHOPOMPUS is a collector of the souls of dead. This definition can be upgraded to include the collection and recycling of the souls of obsolete gods, and other lost spirits. Spirit Guides seem to be quite amenable to helping us out here, provided we help them. PSI ZODIACS appear to be the barrier. These state what psi abilities one may use and not use (mainly the latter). These zodiacs come forward from the original psychological creation and have little in common with those known to astrologers or those involving the planets. The planetary zodiacs may be based on the psi zodiacs. TELEKINESIS outranks psi. The procedure will have to be amended to suit. One good question is whether anything can outrank telekinetic memes on the control stakes. One can also try Telekine instead of create. Telekinesis is for Spirit, creation is for minds. Telekine makes a good alternative to Destroy. Telekinesis may be applicable to a narrow band only, but one can always switch back to destruction again. The procedure should be modified to suit current requirements. Subjects include. REALITY is that which we agree on with others. We can do without fossilised realities imposed billions of years ago. It is always useful to query such agreements. We also have our own personal realities as to what exists and does not exit. Personal realities are very near to home. There can be no minds without realities, and realities govern all minds. REALITY ENERGY appears to outrank telekinetic energy. For this we must step outside all realities including our own. This probably means developing new personal realities which are dynamic and based on our 6 senses. There is also the concept of converting mental mass, minds and realities into energy. There are plenty of minds in this World. A poltergeist works by converting part of someone's mind into physical energy. Experience with spoon bending changes people by converting part of the operator's mind into physical energy. This concept is worth investigating. PROTOTYPES exist for most things. It may be possible to visualise a God, but how about a prototype for a God. Prototypes for zodiacs seem to pre-date everything else, which is an incongruity. Do not expect much logic. SOULS IN CONFLICT. As one is the master now, fossilised entities and their slaves have to purge their own rubbish to get enlightenment and get into union with oneself. Their conflict is their discomfort at your presence. PSYCHOSIS. Eventually everything turns into a psychosis. MEMORIES, EMOTIONS and REALITIES. The basic building blocks of Universal Minds appear to be acquired memories, acquired emotions and acquired realities. The zodiac planes turn into memory planes. OWNERS, MASTERS and the OBSOLETE seem to be the basic villains

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