D45. Gardens of Enlightenment.

HOUSES OF MINDS. It is only possible to catch perverse minds when they come out to play. Therefore why not clear out the residences of minds. The House of the Mind makes as good a name as any. Clear out all parasites and perverse minds.

PEOPLE'S GARDENS are open to public view and often used for boasting. Why not raise their mental gardens to Gardens of Enlightenment. After all, this is what they put out for public display. Clear out all parasites and perverse minds. Enlightenment may be just a matter of all things being in balance, but is acceptable as long as it is high enough. Serenity is better.

Consider the following. There is plenty of negative psi around. One should be able to amend procedures to suit.

PSI ENLIGHTENMENT. Man may not have much psi ability, but this brings out every mind controller going. Control uses too much negative psi to permit any positive psi. Try variations on the following. Subjects include. The rules change. PSI AND MORPHIC ENERGY may be one and the same. There appears to be no connection to Spirit energy or spirituality. However Psi and Morphic energy are excellent at taking out the last of spirituality which is just a parasitic overlay. Psi and Morphic energy are good on removing parasites and negative psi. Positive energy neutralises the negative. Consider the following.

Good Hunting.

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