D44. Total Union with the Ether.

THE ETHER is there as it fills the emptiness of Space, but otherwise is about as abstract as Spirit. However it does make a good place in which to ground the Akashic Elements. The Ether does not recognise either emotion or logic. In case of problems, try prefixing everything with Etheric, meaning pertaining to the Ether. Use one's ability list and location wherever possible. The Big Bang is involved here and is an engraving, so expect unconsciousness and pain. The Big Bang behaves as an event, though there are various theories as to its exact nature. Some scientists say it was a single event, others that there is continuous creation. Whatever its exact nature, it was a disaster. It appears to have been a collapse of the Ether into something more stable. We seem to have lost a great deal of ability in the Big Bang. It also created plenty of imagination, so expect plenty of figments. Apports are "gifts" from the Original God. Apports do not seem to be part of the Akashic Elements. Subjects include. THE MORPH. In the middle of writing this section, the writer went of and wrote section R14 on the Creation of Universes. After this he decided that spirituality is just a parasitic overlay on the basic unit of life force or Morph. Also one can have spirituality or psi, but not both. See Rupert Sheldrake, Morphic Minds and Morphogenetic Fields - List for more details on Morphs. One can only have negative psi with spirituality. The command list below is more friendly towards Morphs, psi, and other life forces. Vary the list to suit requirements. Subjects include. THE EGO should be the public face to the World of body, mind, Spirit and Morph. Primitive egos like the Water Ego should have gone long ago, being replaced by more suitable versions. If Spirit will not co-operate fully with body and ego, it is because there are still Spirit overlays of spirituality making it behave like a God. The procedure below should help to bring all components into union with each other. All abilities available to Spirit should be available to the body. There is plenty of negative psi control about. Subjects include. Freedom here is freedom from and not freedom to. Location in Space Time and one's Psi list will refresh Spirit and its freedom, even when command lists like the above run out of steam.

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