D43. Morphic Minds and Natural Balance with Everything.

MORPHIC MINDS are the natural minds of human beings and animals. They exist as individual minds for the individual and group minds for the species. The expert on Morphogenetic Minds is biologist Rupert Sheldrake. He has written quite a bit on animal telepathy and animal group minds. There is a window at human birth when a baby is wide open to the natural downloading of the natural human group morphic mind. This window has been hijacked by mind controllers to download zodiacs and other rubbish. What we know as Spirit or Guardian Angels may be just morphic mind under the control of control minds. The human group morphic mind makes a better God than most of those on offer, but even this can be cleaned up. Morphic minds contain the following. This is the point in this work when Control Minds give up the fight to control us and natural human Morphic Minds take over. The natural mind of Spirit should be reasonably free. Human morphic minds appear to contain the items in the list below. If enough energy is created, then all control minds and engravings can be cleared out. One has to go into total union with every satan, and create enough energy to digest them. This must be done on your terms.

IF IT IS NOT BROKEN, DO NOT FIX IT. If there is no problem to handle, then the attributes of Spirit above union fade out as they are not needed. The natural balance point of rest is union. This sometimes called Enlightenment. One must be careful not to be in union with some satan, and believe it is enlightenment. If there is still no problem, then union will merge with energy.

THE DIMENSIONS OF ENERGY. There is an extra hidden dimension which runs at right angles through the table of the Attributes of Spirit. This runs through energy. There are various levels of energy which have not been plotted here, because the writer could not make out a pattern. It looks as if we can not progress beyond the energy level we are at, until we have brought all positive and negative energies at that level into union with each other. To go forward, we must jump energy levels, which means finding a short cut.

THE FORBIDDEN DIMENSION is a possible third dimension. No details are available.

The procedure can be rewritten as follows.

Subjects include. THE WAY FORWARD is to jump energy levels, and the only way to do this is to work on energy. BALANCE WITH THE NATURAL. If we bring everything into balance with its natural counterpart, then this leads to a good point of balance. God may appear as an unholy alliance of gods within and various minds. There are plenty of minds outside one's sector which tend to creep in. Also one may have downloaded Archetypal Gods to assist one in one's work. Deloading is superior to retribution, when it starts to bite. It does give access to psi. Eventually all mental stuff is pure imagination. Subjects include. SPIRIT. One has to raise Guardian Angels up in ability to release the free Spirit. Consider adding the following to the procedure and remove any dead wood. Cloaca was the Roman Goddess of sewers. There can be stores of unwanted but unpurged rubbish. When they exist, they are areas Spirit does not want to know about. Minds would prefer them to be called Karmas. Subjects include.

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