D42. Telekinetic Energy and Morphic Minds.

TELEKINETIC ENERGY. The last section dealt with union and individuality from all mental rubbish. Provided the mental rubbish is at a low ebb and is just negativity, one can go on. The next step is to establish union with the physical universe and individuality from it. Scientists like to tell us that we are just an extension of matter. Do not believe it. We must establish ourselves as being separate from matter to be able to control it. Only by doing this can we rise above Fire. Try variations on the following. Subjects include. OTHER ENERGIES can be tried as subjects and if successful can be used in addition to "Telekinetic Energy" in the procedure. Remove the dead wood from the procedure, test the following and where suitable add them to the procedure. There are probably plenty of other energies. Ultimately all energies become one energy, but in the mean time they must be brought into union with oneself. Bring all abilities into union with oneself. Will is closely tied to energy. Psychic energy tends to be swamped by grosser forms of energy. Subjects include. HUMOUR. All mental and mind activity appears to be the result of practical jokes aeons ago, and is best treated as such. It is difficult to see the joke, but no doubt the originators would accuse us of lacking sense of humour. Do not tell any priest that his religion is a joke, as this will get one burnt at the stake. The penalty for telling a British judge the truth is 12 months in jail. Someone else can give the news to God that he is just the result of a joke. DUALITY. If we had not separated and taken sides, there could be no union. The minimum number in the humour game is 2, so there can be no humour without duality. RING-PASS-NOT. There is a heavy one here. One has to investigate every psi ability and go into union with every satanic, demonic and evil energy. However good versus evil is a duality and therefore suspect. The real duality is that between Spirit (Positive attributes of Free Spirit), and the attributes of mind or the results of our actions (Fire attributes). MORPHIC MINDS. The expert on Morphogenetic Minds is biologist Rupert Sheldrake. He has written quite a bit on animal telepathy and animal group minds. There is a window at human birth when a baby is wide open to the natural downloading of the natural human group morphic mind. This window has been hijacked by mind controllers to download zodiacs and other rubbish.

This is the point in this work when Control Minds give up the fight to control us and natural human Morphic Minds take over. The natural mind of Spirit should be reasonably free. Human morphic minds appear to contain the items in the list below. If enough energy is created, then all control minds and engravings can be cleared out.

The procedure can be rewritten as follows. Subjects include.

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