D40. The Fires of Creation.

THE ATTRIBUTES OF SPIRIT applicable here are listed below. Attributes below energy and creation are pretty useless, except for responsibility which a good entry point. Responsibility does mean playing by the rules of higher minds. Real progress can be made by cleaning up the Fire attributes. WATCHING. The problem with creating is that it still playing by the rules of minds. We are in an ever enlarging universe. Watching goes above all minds. Just as ordinary people do not like being watched, minds and the ungodly do not like being watched either. In this case, ordinary people are not providing malice and mind control on the Telepathic Net, and thus are unlikely to be involved. There is still a lot of mind and karma creeping out of the woodwork, or in this case the brains of people in one's sector. Complete their transaction cycles. Perhaps if one can get rid of the psi of mind control, one can get into the psi of the physical universe. Turn all poachers into gamekeepers.

INDIVIDUALITY is necessary for the existence of all zodiacs, karmas and mind controlling gods. However zodiacs and karmas produce individuality by crippling one's ability. We are quite capable of creating dynamic individuality of our own, provided we create enough energy. The roots of individuality appear to be masses partly embedded in the Ether. Channel all mental entities back to owner, creator or the Ether. Try variations on the following.

Subjects include. WORK tends to be a special case as the Works of Spirit contains one's list of psi abilities. This requires plenty of energy and anger in order to raise oneself to the level of work. When the above list starts to break down, clip it down to the following. The long procedure works best on mental items, while the short form is better for raising Spirit ability. This requires plenty of blood and sweat as the subject matter is too near home. It appears that before one can have decent access to an ability, one must be in balance with it. Merely being generally in balance is just do nothing enlightenment. Not going up to the level of work leaves one as God without ability. Retribution is necessary for psychic self defence. As one is on a higher level than villains, it will remove their karmas, owners and minds. Expand any line where applicable. Try variations on the following. Subjects include. SYMBOLISM. When one reads a page of print, one translates the words into their meanings and groups of meanings into sentences. In the case of mental symbolism, one is liable to see the meanings without the symbols or words transmitted. Thus a symbol for fire is not the same as the meaning of the symbol. The symbol can only roast one if one translates it. If one can see the symbol without the meaning, then one has free choice whether to translate it or not. Knowing the sender can be very important. GODS. When one has got into union with just about everything, it is time to wake to wake up the Gods within. These are the real Gods, not the tyrant mind controllers like Jehovah. The Gods of Spirit have to be woken up and brought into union with the rest of Spirit and body. It is worth while pointing out to target entities that "Only one can survive in any one body". There appear to be plenty of stray entities which need to go into union with someone and find a home. The levels of Spirit appear to be as follows. Subjects include. GOD. We all have a God within. Provided it as the top level of Spirit, it is not an insult to call a Spirit a God. You can sort out the sexuality of Spirit, Gods and Goddesses. However if all Gods are in union with each other, then the sum is still one. Therefore it is a bit academic to argue as to whether we are individual Gods, or have a group God, or whether there is one God for the whole of the human race. As there is too little communication between ourselves and ETs, there is unlikely to be a God of both man and ETs. It is necessary for one's own God to go into union with every other God. Going into union defeats all karmas, minds and owners. This may lead to loss of individuality, so it is up to us to to express our individuality in new ways. The pursuit of psi is one such way. There are still some high level Gods in one's sector. Just who or what is the ultimate source, we may never know. However as karma at lower levels is the sum total of all karma above, it is reasonable to assume that karma at the source in minimal. IDENTITIES, MEMES and GHOSTS. It becomes evident that Gods and Goddesses are merely identities. Both identity and retribution are components of memes, retribution being the defence mechanism. The components of a meme are still much the same as in section D2. Thus memes are the ultimate mind. Free Spirits are above all memes and identities, and may answer to the name of Ghost. The appearance of Ghosts is not an indication that the associated body is dead. A ghost does things, but does not "exist". THE FIRES OF CREATION appears to be the key to all minds. Hell, Purgatory and creation have much in common. There are heavy memes to prevent us creating in the physical universe. We are supposed to only create in mental universes, which has lead to ever decreasing ability. We have indulged in psychic warfare and lost. Probably everyone did. We must clean up creation and go back into psychic warfare again to clean up old injuries and regain lost abilities. Some of the items below can go in the current procedure. The Creator Spirit is the highest level of Spirit known to the writer at present. Add the following block to the current procedure. Subjects include. TIME. The following is probably an interesting one off. It may give a key to time. Variations include the Whole of Time instead of past, present ant future. TOTAL FIRE. The Attributes of Fire are given at the start of this section. These must be cleaned up if we are to be in balance (and comfort). Fire is not for the squeamish. This will clean out a load of rubbish. Check your ability list for Fire abilities. Trying to cure cancer is an act of war against cancer, and is thus a Fire ability. Other desired psi abilities may be similar. GAMES. Ultimately karma is just one of many games, though it is probably the one which causes most discomfort. The Fire attributes are the attributes of games. For every game and identity there is an anti game or identity. INDIVIDUALITY. The goal of all minds is total union or enlightenment. However this does give a state close to Communism. Both union for minds and individuality for Spirit are required. Where "Union" appears in the current procedure, add an extra line for "Individuality". THE FIRES OF PSI appear to be blanketed by mind control games. Provided they can be rekindled, they will incinerate mind control games. Try prefixing everything with "Psychic". UNION. Provided one has an adequate grasp of Individuality and the gods of individuality, one can command all unwanted gods to go into union with oneself. Without a grasp of individuality, this will give one a thick head. Any god in union with oneself is responsible to oneself, and can not do much harm. A good way is to slip the following lines in the Location Procedure. Fossilised gods are liable to turn into minds and other basic things. Unfortunately when fossilised gods become obsolete, they are likely to turn into satans or yesterdays gods. Looking down from the viewpoint of a free Spirit, yesterday's gods are satans. Satans eventually lose their power and revert to just minds. When things change, update the procedure to suit. Also consider adding the following to expand Total Union. Subjects include. INDIVIDUALITY versus UNION and COOPERATION. A Spirit needs both if it is to be a useful member of Spirit society. A mind can never be an individual. A Spirit can not rule over minds without being an individual. Capture all free minds and bring them into union with oneself. Use a little Viking persuasion if necessary. One can not capture a free Spirit by these means. For Spirits, being in union means being in communication only. A new super god within may appear out of the union of minds, but we know what to do with that. This super god within can be quite violent. Treat him as you would a good friend and a living entity, as no god can survive this treatment for long.

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