D39. Free Energy, Free Psi, Free Thought and everything else.

If we can create sufficient free energy, then this should burn up anyone trying own energy. The same goes for psi, thought, emotion and anything similar. If this does not work, then one can always go back to a previous procedure and invoke destruction and incineration. Try variations on the following according to mood and what will work. Subjects include. TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION widens one's sector. The problem here is that judges and lawyers reckon they rule the world already. They are wrong. ETs do. ETs control justice aided by Abramelin the Mage and his fellow Energy Devils. There are 2 ways of keeping out of jail. One is not to break the Law. The other is not to be a willing victim, example or scapegoat. Unfortunately both methods are required as too many lawyers know all about the Law and nothing about justice. You can only catch those trying to dig their claws into you. Gods should have already been dealt with as they are only mind controllers. Devils control energy and are far more of a threat. Try variations on the following. FREE MINDS. Evidently these do exist without being responsible to or owned by gods, devils, Ghosts of Ancient Egypt or ETs. They should be fully dynamic, and one should make sure that they are. Try variations on the following. ANGER. There is no reason why "Destroy", "Exterminate" and "Incinerate" can not be be added to the above procedure and also used in place of "Create total control". Also the following commands can be useful. WHITE MAGIC. There is plenty of Forgiveness of Sin around or White Mass. People worship those who forgive them their sins. Thus if a Devil forgives you your sins, he becomes your God, and all other entities are rejected.. GODSHIP. No one in their right mind ever wanted to be a God, at least not if they know what it really means. However everyone wants a God to vampire and prey upon. At this sort of level one can be very vulnerable, as one can handle Devils and ETs. Some of the following can be added to the procedure. One only need be charitable to family, friends, girl friends, students and allies. Purge the rest. ANGER outranks all gods, godship and devils. It clears the decks of all available minds, black magicians and what have you. POLTERGEISTS are Guardian Angels in a state of anger or on the war path. Cause a Guardian Angel to generate enough energy and anger, and it will create a poltergeist to solve its problems. The exact nature of the poltergeist will depend on the particular Guardian Angel (Spirit), the person concerned and the problems and overloads which need to be handled. The less they know how to deal with problems and overloads, and the greater the problem or overload, the more violent will be the poltergeist. People who know what they are doing, do not remain in a state of anger for long, regardless of circumstances. Like body anger, Spirit anger may not always be the best solution, but it certainly clears the decks. Poltergeists are easier to invoke in people of high psychic ability who do not have enough personal responsibility to match it. If one can invoke the poltergeist of a mind, then the available sections of that mind will be destroyed. Minds can not confess to being inferior to Spirit. Poltergeists are a good way of sorting out the problems of zombies and the living dead. Try variations on the following. THE ULTIMATE OWNERS appear to be non incarnating Spirits who control the Galactic Federation and the Supreme Court. Becoming a non incarnating Spirit is the dream of every Buddhist. Most of us would probably prefer free choice. It seems that we must go into empathy with everything and everyone who tries to stick their claws in, and use their minds as if they were our own. This means going into empathy with some very curious parties. If this means going into empathy with the Masons, Illuminati and the intelligence agencies, so be it. Use this top down or home first. ORDINARY KARMA is locked in by energy karma. Working at the level of energy allows one to get at both types. Karmas outrank all minds. It appears to be the goal of every karma, zodiac and mind to complete its transaction cycle, and return to its creator. COMMUNICATION AND TRANSACTION CYCLES. It appears that all unwanted karmas and minds in our possession are stuck in an uncompleted cycle, and wish to return to its creator. Look out for blockers which prevent their return. If a mind is wanted and we make it our own, that is another matter. We must allow all unwanted items to return to creator. They will return given enough energy, anger, education and push.

Here's to our pillage, loot and rape of our ET controllers.

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