D38. Beyond the Fires of Hell.

Beyond the Fires of Hell is total freedom for Spirit. The Fires of Hell is the barrier to stop you escaping. It is the great Ring-Pass-Not for all minds where Spirit is an unwilling host, but not Spirit. Minds can not tolerate uncontrolled psi ability, so there is a great over-kill to suppress any little ability there may be. One is expected to believe in minds, theologies and religions, not Spirit or psi. Flush out the anti-psi suppressors and conspiracies in one's sector. Use Total Psi Energy for minds held by willing Spirit hosts. Try variations on the following. Add subjects to the procedure as appropriate. Use one's intuition. If the Fires of Hell do not work, try the Spirit of Psi instead. Subjects include:- SATANIC SPIRITS. The above will deal with all unwelcome minds. This leaves perverse minds held by willing Spirits like the satanic variety. Any satanic Spirits have to be cleared away before one can get psi Spirits. ETHER ENERGY seems even more powerful than psi energy. Add "Total Ether Energy" to the procedure. The Ether Spirit seems to point at the origin of Spirit. As it has been asleep for a few million years, expect objections to it being woken up. All the basic building blocks of the universe seem to lie in the Ether. Universal energy should be much the same as Ether energy. There is plenty of energy around. The problem is that various entities claim ownership of the sources, so that it may only be used for specific purposes. Find out who the owners are. FREE PSI seems to follow much the same pattern as Free Energy, so they are probably subsets of each other. TOTAL DOMINATION OF ALL TELEPATHIC MIND CONTROLLERS IN YOUR SECTION. Telepathic mind controllers have 3 options. They can pack their bags and disconnect from your sector. They can seek enlightenment. Otherwise they can bow down and worship you, in which case they should be little danger to anyone. This will only catch those who believe you should bow down and worship them.

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