D37. Barbaric Energy.

ENERGY LEVELS. SORTING OUT ENERGY is a barbaric activity. Before one can create energy or psi abilities, one must destroy everything which gets in the way, regardless of what it is. There is very little logic here, and what logic there is, is put in by the brain. Trust your intuition. Intuition may be far more important than being psychic. As we wish to be in control of energy (especially vortexes), keep to energy as much as possible. The previous objections to Creation tend to disappear when Spirit is in charge. Attempts to create psi, flush out all the barriers. "Reincarnation" can be a useful alternative to "Destruction" as it is the most terrible threat possible to minds. "Incineration" is a necessary alternative when dealing with Fire. Subjects include:- ENERGY STORMS appear to destroy vortexes. Thus if we can master energy storms, we can master vortexes. Try the following. LORDS OF CREATION appear to be the next level up. Vortexes can be replaced by Lords in the above procedure. Eventually all Lords turn back into gods, then into minds and then into just creations. Try the following. MASS. When this builds up, switch from Destruction to Incineration which works better on black mass. GODS OF THE FATES WORSE THAN DEATH. All gods are static minds and below death, though that death may be higher than one's current level. Even gods which claim to be living must be part dead, or they would not claim to be gods. The following and their variations make useful benchmarks. ENERGY is king and should be benchmarked. Spirit meditation can occur when Spirit is at least part free, and free from entities which disable it. Spirit can then do its own thing. If energy is clean, one can what ever one wants. There are quite a number of attributes of Spirit which work very well from a position of strength, in this case energy. Any corruption will pull one down again. DIVINITY has been taken from us and it is about time to reclaim it. Now all entities have mothers, even the Greys, Enlil, the Erideans and Abramelin the Mage. Most of the antics of so called gods sound like the pranks of naughty small boys, that a good thrashing would cure in 5 minutes flat. Let their mothers deal with them. First we must reclaim our divinity. PSI CONTROL. Now mind control seems to be a male vice, while psi control is the female vice. It appears to underpin mind control, but mind control must be handled first. Psi itself appears to be feminine. CONTROL BY SPIRIT. The same exercise can now be done on minds and spirits. PAIN BARRIER. There is a pain barrier when all sources of mind in one's sector have been trashed. The other side of pain is the expansion of consciousness. MATRICES exist in present time and have to be cleaned up relative to the student. These are webs of such things as mind control and have their roots in obsolete gods and minds. However if one has purged all obsolete gods and minds relative to oneself and in one's own sector, the more unfortunate matrices should be without means of support. Purge them back to source. Ultimately no mind or matrix is large enough to control Spirit, and all matrices turn into pathetic little conspiracies. THE FIRE BARRIER. Use Incineration here as an alternative to Destruction. Fire will take out anything remaining which has its roots in Fire. Some of the troublesome entities like the Eridean High Energy Devil and his cohorts are gifts from our ET friends. Energy without responsibility, like belief without responsibility can be highly dangerous.

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