D36. The Creation of Energy and Magic.

There is a series of levels, planes or nets, but logical meditation does not work that well on energy or above. For energy one is on one's own. It is time to stop validating minds and to validate ability instead. Bring one's responsibility level up to that of vortexes. If nothing else, they are good energy sources. The procedure below is attractive enough to make vortexes come out and play where they can be handled. Are vortexes and minds going to control us, or are we going to control them? Try to wake up the vortexes within. Creation is very understandable to minds but can be too emotive. Synthesis is preferred by Spirit. If neither work then try destruction on the appropriate parts and skip the rest. Try variations on the following. Subjects include:- LOCATION in SPACE TIME. The body of the current version used by the writer is in the style:- PHYSICAL TELEKINESIS is worth a try when the bulk of ordinary mind and vortexes are under control, as it will not appear before. It appears that for this sort of thing to get results, there must be an intense need plus an energy source, which will probably not be in the same entity. The writer gets accused of all sorts of things of which he has no bodily knowledge. If one has total ability, does one need magic. Try upgrading telekinesis to physical telekinesis in the main procedure. MASS is there in plenty around matter, energy, space and time. This can be very heavy and outranks minds and vortexes. A heavy upgrade of personal responsibility is required. There are 4 dimensions currently available to Man. Physicists claim there were 11 or more at the time of the Big Bang. Thus at least 7 dimensions are apparently unavailable to Man. Try adding the following into the main procedure. Subjects include:- ABILITY. Provided one has got around to using synthesis, one should be in a happy state of enlightenment, but then that is only being in perfect balance. This is provided one is not trying to save the World and is going back to original sources where necessary. In the quest for psi, one must be prepared to throw away or at least inspect those human abilities one has accumulated in life through logic, even if they are reasonably dynamic. This may be too high a price. Add in the following 2 lines to the main procedure and discard anything irrelevant. Subjects include:-

DESTRUCTION. Ultimately Creation and Synthesis fail as one goes above their level of usefulness. However the style of the late unlamented Senator McCarthy (as in D20) still works, when commands are given straight on to the Telepathic Net. The options are infinite so few will be given.

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