D35. Positive Energies, Energy Vortexes and Magic.

Acquired minds are a bit too compatible with the brain for comfort. If they were not compatible, they would not trouble us. Psi is not that compatible with the brain and so we have a great deal of trouble understanding it. There is an energy mind series which is listed below. Unfortunately the brain has the same problems with positive energy as it has with psi. Spirit does seem to understand these things and can express itself in terms of good luck. However as the conditions necessary for good luck are unpredictable by the brain, relying on good luck is no substitute for proper research of say suitable sections of the stock market. The procedure is the last section can be revamped as follows. Amend to suit current requirements. Subjects include:- VORTEXES are attributes of Spirit mind. A body can experience and know them, but can never understand them. Also bodies are not comfortable with vortexes as the energy levels are too high. However vortexes do take out a load of junk and negativity from the environment. Try to wake up the positive energies and vortexes, and use these to take out the negative ones. If one can tip the balance then who knows what can happen. Ultimately when things stop spinning, these vortexes turn into minds or machines on a higher level and follow similar rules to memes and lower minds. The Ring-Pass-Not here is pure energy. When one is ready, try the following.

MAGIC by definition is not understandable to bodies and brains, but it does appear to be beyond all minds. The control of reality and knowledge seem to be basic to mind control. A few more to check out are below.

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