D34. The Harmonics of Psychology, Psi and Space Time.

R10. Memes, and Atma and Buddhi, the 2 Akashic Elements yet to be discovered. is now written, and is so under the rules of remote viewing where we are bodies and Spirits, and all minds are useless parasites. This should be read before using this section. Try the following procedure, adding and deleting as appropriate. Use whatever works and delete the rest. Not all will work at any one time. There is a heavy Ring-Pass-Not in between us and harmony, so be prepared to break off into one's psi list or space time when appropriate. The work of Bruce Cathie is very useful for the harmonics of the World Energy Grid. It is quite possible that the various sets of harmonics converge to a common source. See the Cathie List.

Subjects start as near home as possible:- Joe McMoneagle states that at 13.47 hours local sidereal time, which James Spottiswoode reports as the optimum time for psi, one is facing into the centre of the Milky Way which is probably the centre of the galaxy. There appears to be something there. Find out who owns the Galaxy.

FORGIVENESS is only possible from a position of strength. When one tires of sorting out the World, try the following sequence.

OTHER TARGETS include - Amend the procedures to suit yourself to handle energy. Energy does not lend itself to logic and logical description. However you can do it yourself (DIY).

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