D33. Memes, Atma, Buddhi and the Roots of the Akashic Elements.

There is a good description of the Akashic Elements in The Attributes of the Akashic Elements, Fire, Air, Water, Earth. This was written in 1996, and was written under the rules of minds. The attributes of Earth, Water, Air and Fire can probably only be written from inside minds, which are in turn controlled by Buddhi and Atma, the 2 essential elements yet to be discovered. Thus the descriptions of Buddhi and Atma were complete bunk and have been removed. R10. Memes, and Atma and Buddhi, the 2 Akashic Elements yet to be discovered. is now written, and is so under the rules of remote viewing where we are bodies and Spirits, and all minds are useless parasites. Both documents should be read before using this section.

Responsibility should mean "Total knowingness of one's actions and their consequences". Try the following procedure, adding and deleting villains, subjects and ETs as appropriate. Use whatever works and delete the rest. Not all will work at any one time.

Subjects include:- GHOSTS. When material on memes runs dry, try minds, universes and systems instead. Ultimately it seems that all gods and similar are really sophisticated ghosts. A poltergeist will simply try to scare you out of your wits. If the ghost is a mind controller instead, then things are more serious. Treat all these entities as ghosts from the past and exorcise them. Remove everything which no longer works and add the following after removing duplicates.. Subjects include.

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