D32. Psi Games and Minds.

MINDS need to be divided into 2 categories here. The bulk of Control Minds should have already been handled as forms of beingness, but there is some tidying up to be done when control minds creep out of the woodwork and from other people. We need to investigate the existence of Psi Minds and Games. Control minds may be short of forgiveness, but when we look at ETs they seem to be very short on rejuvenation and healing instead. Forgiveness seems to belong to control minds only. As seems normal, psi means far more to Spirit than to bodies. Do make sure that Spirit loves bodies. It seems that creating and destroying mind control mechanisms is far simpler than levitating match sticks.
GODS and ZODIACS exist in chains, so that any god will be responsible to earlier gods. Not all zodiacs are in this Solar System. Thus one may chain back to a race which no longer exists on a planet one has never heard of.
CHANNELLING without responsibility can be a menace as it is a one way flow.
Try variations on the following: "To telekine" is a verb derived from telekinesis, meaning moving mental objects from A to B. Consider also "Destroy" as an alternative to "Telekine".

Subjects include:- WILHELM REICH did quite a bit of research on "Orgone energy", and must have been successful as all his papers were burnt both by the Nazis and the FBI. Orgone energy may be interchangeable with psi, while his "Dorgone energy" may be interchangeable with black mass and negative psi.
Energies do turn into flows and one must ferret out the blockages. THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE is the great ring pass-not. There are mechanisms to prevent its destruction. However if it were capable of being destroyed, someone would have done it long ago.

BENCHMARKING BEINGNESS becomes useful again to silence all gods. The highest state of beingness or identity seems to be the Galactic Gamesmaster.

THE FATES WORSE THAN DEATH are the result of playing other people's games and using their objectives. They exist until we learn how to play our own games and find our objectives. SYMBIOTIC HARMONY is now needed between body, Spirit (one's own personal God), the current ego (what ever that may be) and any other components which make up oneself. All components appear short of love, healing and rejuvenation, which must be remedied if all are to work together. MEMES and ZODIACS (Chains of memes) come into view and can be neutralised. These were originally set up to control the enemy (losers), but have tended to control the victors as well, the next time around. They were all originally weapons of war. Treat all memes and zodiacs as once living entities or spirits who can be brought back to life and liberated. It may be necessary to swap "Telekine" with "Control" or "Reincarnate". Memes are very short on love and empathy. Encourage them to reincarnate.

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