D31. Mind Control, Love, Telepathy, the Control Net and Seeing Things as they really are.

Love and Forgiveness are mentioned here. On no account use these from a position of weakness. If in doubt, destroy and go back a section.

There is a popular belief that what everybody wants is Love. Whether this need is true or false is another matter. Love, Mind Control and Telepathy are all closely linked together and oppose Free Will, and it is up to the student to resolve this problem for himself. Under total Telepathy, it is very hard to escape Mind Control. The Love of a good woman is designed to keep a man a willing captive, so that he ensures the survival of her children. Everyone objects to Mind Control when it is detected in the hands of someone else. At this level, the Telepathic Net is the Control Net. However if one follows some simple rules in Mind Control, then the only entities to object will be minds that would prefer to keep Mind Control for themselves. Such maxims for "Our Will" include:

Try variations on the following: Subjects include:-

This gives a good insight into a level of mind where telepathy is supreme. Perhaps when viewed via observation, we will keep the Battle of the Sexes and ditch spiritual love in favour of free will.

Big Brother is watching you.
Turn the tables and watch Big Brother.

THE CONTROL NET. The best way to silence all black magicians, is to be god of it. This is a matter of posturing rather than doing, as any real action will drag one down again. The greatest expert ever on posturing was Yahweh (Jehovah) in the Old Testament which gives plenty of good tips. Whether he did anything and how is another matter. All the best criminals are above the law, so unless one has shares in the prison service, lawyers or judges, there is little need to assist the police in their inquiries. Remote psychotherapy should be enough to keep one's sector clean. Try the following straight into the Control Net.

Posturing is all important here. In the physical world, the greater the poseur the greater the fool. In the mental world, the greater the poseur the greater the god. It is all a matter of propaganda. One may care to carry on in the style of one's favorite archetypal god. Intention does help. In the case of the webmaster, this is Thor, defender of the (new) gods and defender of the people. We are the new gods. TOTAL UNBEINGNESS is the position to take against any Supreme Being. All fossilised minds are hierarchical, so if one takes the position of top dog they can do remarkably little. Supreme beingness can deflate the mightiest of minds and egos, immortal or or otherwise. One may have to go back to earlier command lists to repair challenges. However it has not enabled the webmaster to make a match stick even twitch, let alone levitate 10 cm in the air. All minds, theologies and religions are a total scam. All this leaves us in a nice pleasant state of enlightenment, but hardly one of action. Ultimately all beingness and zodiacs are identities. All identities are "Fates worse than death" and living in someone else's universe.

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