D30. Psi and the Apocalypse of Universes.

Forgiveness is mentioned here. On no account use this from a position of weakness. If in doubt, incinerate.

PSI. Telepathy and its variations are quite common, but that is very often mind to mind and does not use physical energy. How can one expect psi in the physical universe, if one is still bogged down in private universes especially those of other people. Behind every universe is a conspiracy. Behind every conspiracy is a god or immortal mind. Behind every immortal mind is a zodiac. Behind every zodiac lies a conspiracy. Add, amend and delete items in the following command list as appropriate. Loading psi is useful to Spirit as it helps fill any voids, even if it does not aid our conscious abilities. What Spirit does while the body is asleep is its business. Spirit will also use psi subconsciously so that the body is not aware of it. The psi list used is that of the webmaster and may have to be amended to suit individuals.

AN APOCALYPSE occurs when a psychological system breaks down, and applies to minds and theologies. A political party is also a psychological system and normally has an apocalypse every 5 years called an election. An apocalypse can not normally occur to a body or a spirit. An apocalypse is part of the normal cycle of creation, change and destruction, and can occur to any god or zodiac. The human problems are for anyone living inside such a system when it breaks down. When Spirit has total control, it is an apocalypse for all minds, fossilised Gods and zodiacs. An apocalypse is a return to chaos or normality. Please remember that this work is also a psychological system, and is also liable to break down.

Subjects include:- COMPLETION. Everything that has been created must be destroyed to complete the cycle of Creation, Change and Destruction, to restore balance and normality. This particularly applies to anything past its sell by date. Even Jesus Christ has not survived 2,000 years of human corruption unscathed. He is usually regarded as being the most virtuous of gurus, so what can expect from the rest. This problem is far more acute if it a case of a mind or ego without a Spirit to moderate it. Minds object to being completed, but in our society it is not normal to have too much sympathy for one's parasites. Complete can be used as an alternative to Control, Incinerate and Forgive in the above command list. RETURNING TO CREATOR is also a good way of completing cycles.
RESPONSIBILITY by Spirit is the ultimate key. Now we are part of one who has divided, so we are responsible for the actions of Spirit, even if most of them are long lost in history.
COMPETENCE is required avoid slips in responsibility.

CLEANING UP. EXIT ALL GAMES. The above should handle anything on the Telepathic Net in the Physical World. It would be easy to keep clean if there were not so much junk from outside. Also the boundaries of personal identity tend to disappear which does not help. It is time to check that one's own act is clean, and reasonably free of personal defects and lapses. It is hard to rise above total competence, but all to easy to drop below. Getting oneself clean up to knowingness seems to be important for further progress. Also it is hard to deal with games below if one is busy play them and in a games condition, which one will be if any of the lapses and defects below are evident.

GAMES are very much extra well hidden conspiracies. Go in via the defence mechanisms and knock them out first, otherwise things can be a bit too heavy. Hierarchies of Spirit emotion are suspect as being part of games.

TOTAL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO ONESELF is king. We have given away far too much of our responsibility to memes to save us having to think. Consider changing "Incinerate" to "Destroy". Check the following and all other totalities.

Also check for the origins of zodiacs and other games. It would seem that some Pre-Nordic (Pleiadean) Messiah set up the zodiac games to prevent some eco-disaster. This was modified to control the Nordics, who modified it to control the Anunnaki, who modified it to control man. Behind every modification is a Messiah. Sounds like shades of Mrs Mary Whitehouse. Check the following.

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