D29. Spirit Clearing of Minds.

A NEW LIST OF THE ATTRIBUTES OF SPIRIT IS APPEARING. Karmic retribution is not quite what it appears to be, so put it through a command list before putting it in a list. It can appear to be a form of self mutilation to prevent one from repeating past mistakes. Karmic retribution or revenge does give defence against the ungodly once one is above it this level. The entry point appears to be being able to handle karmic retribution. Only use Karmic Retribution on enemies when all else fails. If one has to use Karmic Retribution, then use incineration as well.
ACCESS does mean access to psi if available. It also means access into everything else.
EMPATHY is perhaps the male equivalent of love. No villain, mind or God dare go into empathy with their victims. It does contain an element of responsibility applicable to this level.
CLEARING all mental rubbish is a bit more civilised than using Karmic Retribution, and works better with Spirit.
INCINERATION works better than clearing on lower entities. Clearing also has to be cleaned regularly, otherwise one gets the zodiac version of clearing.
FORGIVENESS is what all gods and other mental entities most crave. It does have to be kept clean. Use incineration for preference.
ENERGY should be created by burning up mentalism. Taking it from the living is vampirism.
UNIVERSES. If one fails in the universe one is in, one gets reborn or drops into a universe in which one can survive.
The following seem to be the attributes for normal Spirit reasonably free of minds and working in the Physical Universe.

Subjects include. BENCH MARKING SPIRIT. Using a target of "Every Member of ..." is good for targeting minds as opposed to bodies, but is inclined to miss Spirit. Once one can straight to Spirit, one tends to miss some deadly body barriers. The following is designed to command Spirit to clear out minds. Subjects include:- Once one can use Spirit as a target to clear out minds, this can be made a little more civilised. Add and delete as necessary. Subjects include:- THE AKASHIC PLANES. For those conversant with the planes one travels on in Astral Travelling, a list is appearing. Evidently if one can not survive in the Physical Universe, then create a universe in which one can survive. This creates pseudo sixth and seventh dimensions until one finishes up with a mental version of the Physical Universe. Anyone who believes that they have gone through re-birth and then death too many times in meditation on the way up, will suspect that this is a circular list. Put these through a command list, top down, in the form "Every member of the ... will do, etc."e;. These planes do have to be cleaned out. One can add extra commands to a list in an appropriate place as follows: GOLEMS and MEMES can be created by command when the akashic planes are reasonably clear. Here the difference between Golems and Memes is academic. They are devices to do work for us. Try variations on: NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF CREATION. All such machines are created when the desire or demand arises, however they will need cleaning to get them working. Make a list of necessary machines or memes to work on one's behalf and clean them up. The following are a few possibilities. THE EGOS OF THE LIVING DEAD. Behind every God and zodiac, there is an ego in the state of living death. It is about time they reincarnated. Immortal egos to tend to be corrupt and vampire their victims or worshippers. All gods and zodiacs belong to the etheric planes. ELEMENTALS on the akashic planes. These are thought forms or entities which we have created. Take a look at the following and clear those accessible. CLEARING LIST of subjects for putting through a command list. People are so used to only doing what is authorised by zodiacs, that they forget they can authorise themselves to do whatever they wish. RUBBISH. All gods, satans, creators, sources, zodiacs, memes and anything akashic are waste products or just shit. One can not deal with any excreta which one respects. Such entities vampire one's energy.
FORGIVENESS is the thing gods most crave. Godship is best captured, and then given away or forgotten. In the long term it is too much of a liability to be even worthless. Try the following style as a tail end for such subjects. CHECKLIST includes: As all accessible gods and satans get their fill of forgiveness, so they disappear, leaving egos, minds, machines and zodiacs. Any remaining ego within one's unit of awareness is just a machine to be dispatched, just leaving total awareness. The Spirit World can be entered, but it is very woolly.

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