D28. Spirit Recreations such as using Minds as Footballs.

THE ELEMENTS OF SPIRIT can be somewhat different to the Akashic elements. EPILEPTICS can be very useful as they have an excess of the Akashic Fire element. As most of them are on drugs, they can hardly complain if one uses their energy, and in return balances up their Akashic and other elements. They often even have to be balanced up with Fire. Epilepsy like Fire, is a way of Spirit trying to break free of minds, but as it has medical symptoms it is usually regarded as a medical complaint to make money for doctors, and not a psychic complaint.

The terms "Incinerate", "Destroy", "Merge" "Playing Football" (using minds as footballs), "Kicking the Hell out of" and "De-loading" are largely interchangeable, depending on what one thinks of the subject and what will work.
Similarly the terms "Fire" and "Epilepsy" are largely interchangeable, depending on what will work. "Fire" is far less crude than "Epilepsy".
Similarly the terms "Spirit" and "Guardian Angel" (Spirit as viewed from a body) are largely interchangeable, depending on what will work and the subject.
One's universe is liable to expand considerably.

Minds must be made to obey Spirit (or the body), and not the other way around. IMMORTAL MINDS seek to control everyone regardless, are not dynamic. The following command list will have to be heavily amended to suit various subjects. Add and delete as necessary, using what will work at a particular time and particular subject. De-loading is covered in the notes below.

Subjects include:- DOWNLOADERS. There is a story of a military remote viewer who accidentally got a download of the Cabala. The story sounds very true. They do say that one can not learn the Cabala, one can only know it. In this case the victim knew what had happened, so little damage was done. What is downloaded is an immortal mind. Every so often, one hears of someone who wakes up to realise that they are the reincarnation of Gengis Khan or Jesus Christ, with the victim landing up in the care of a psychiatrist. When the download is more subtle, the victim generally becomes a priest, black magician or politician. Downloading is far more common than it appears, and should be countered by the ability to de-load.

ABRAMELIN. "The Sacred Rites of Abramelin the Mage" is an essential for every would be black magician. It seems that any true believer who reads the book, especially if it has been handled by Crowley, and performs the ritual, gets a download of Anunnaki immortal mind material. One of the latest victims is a psychiatrist. The objective of the book is to raise one's Dark Angel. The writer has a paperback edition and can not see anything in it. One must dispatch all Abramelins and Dark Angels before one can be at one with everyone.

TOTALITIES. One must be prepared to go the limit with Spirit to get rid of all minds and Gods.

ENERGY proves to be all important and anything emotionally to either side is of dubious merit. The following are a few one line commands on which there can be many variations.

UNION WITH EVERYTHING now becomes important. This does mean being at one with Mind Controllers and their links to Gods. It also means being at one with Psi Controllers and their links to Satans. This must only be done from a position of strength, otherwise one will get sucked into them. The objective is to provide links to allow their control powers to be dissipated in infinity. If the malice of villains is sucked out and dissipated, they should not be able to do much harm. Location in Space Time may be needed. The ultimate objective is to get back to Total Spirit Energy. By this time most of the original command procedure above will not work. Discard what does not work and start including the following lines.

Subjects include.

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