D27. Mind Merging. Synthetic Zodiacs and Memes.

MIND MERGING. Do we really need individual minds, or is this something foisted on us by zodiacs. It seems the later. When 2 minds merge, it leads to their mutual destruction, as separate identity is necessary for their survival. One can keep what is useful and chuck the rest. Unfortunately much of the material is only observable and understandable to Spirit. Spirit and body including the brain can work very nicely together in symbiosis without any need for fossilised minds. Spirit is asexual and should take its lead from the body. Beware of being controlled by minds of the opposite sex. The Fire Mind is dynamic but is Spirit trying to break through. The Fires of Purgatory is the action of Fire minds on the more fossilised variety.

GOD MERGING. Gods believe themselves to be sacred for their own protection. They can be within or without and are really just lumps of mass and control mechanisms. Merging them destroys their identity and existence. In the case of the god within, this should be merged with the area of consciousness and anything useful retained.

IDENTITY. Do we need fossilised identities at all. Identities should be dynamic. Big Brother will not agree.

PSYCHIC SPANKING and PHYSICAL CONTACT. There should be physical contact between one's Spirit and one's body, other Spirits and other bodies. Minds do not like this as they believe all contact should be via them. There are plenty of psychic Amazons out there, once one has raised the dragon in them. They need a psychic spanking to keep them in order. Token violence is a good way of keeping each other in real time, which can be anything between a friendly slap on a ladies backside to a token punch to a fellow man.

Before trying the procedure below, one must be sure of one's identity and sexuality. The procedure is based on the structure of the zodiacs and the akashic elements. Amend to suit.

Subjects include:- LOCATION IN SPACE TIME can be updated as follows. Locating points and objects in masses, minds and zodiacs is a good way of clearing them out as they can not stand inspection. A dynamic mind should be able to create, change and destroy zodiacs and memes at will. This depends on the ability to create, change and destroy zodiacs and memes at will and depends on raising one's ability. All zodiacs and memes were originally synthetic or constructed. Thus synthetic zodiacs are worth investigating. A stronger version of the first procedure is below. Epileptics can be a useful source of Fire energy, as they tend to create too much for their own comfort. Subjects include:- MANUFACTURED MEMES or zodiacs, by simple definition, have only just been made, and therefore must be either fire or dynamic. Therefore if they come in contact with fossilised memes, the later will be destroyed. The body may not know how to manufacture memes, but Spirit does. As manufactured memes are relatively clean, they can stand up to quite a bit of abuse and the creation of ad hoc procedures. Try variations on the following. AD HOC PROCEDURES are easy to use with Manufactured Memes as the subject. There is a useful list of items in section R09 on the problems of ladies. Most of the items on the list also apply to men. Subjects include:- HEAVY STUFF. If one can manufacture memes, then one can also cancel out the heavier items by manufacturing them. The following are heavy, but one can always go back to manufactured memes. MIND READERS may appear. This is a vice of Eridean ETs, but there are others. Mind reading just glorifies minds and is not true telepathy which is Spirit to Spirit. A PERIOD OF CONSOLIDATION IS NEEDED.

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