D26. The Controllers of Psi. Raising the Dragon.

This section is going somewhat off the scale for any body understanding. Fortunately it is also off the scale for minds and overrides them. Outside energy sources are in short supply, so stop if one runs low on energy as one is using one's own. This procedure does pull in mass, which is a great drain on energy. It looks as if we have given away our psi abilities for a "String of Beads". We have to purge all the mass around it. The list of psi abilities should be replaced by the reader's own list. Omit the psi list for general use, or if there is any shortage of energy, or there is too much mass. Amend as necessary. A theory worth persuing is that energy equals absence of mass, and lack of energy equals high mass,

Subjects include:- MASS. When it becomes self evident that control mechanisms are just lumps of mental mass, "Control" can be replaced by "Mass". Purge the mass and reclaim one's energy. Subjects include:- EMOTION. This makes one wonder if there are any true emotions about energy. If there is no Universal Subconscious to be in balance with, there can be no enlightenment. If Gods can be seen for what they are, there can be no outside control. If Spirit is all knowing, there is no need for understanding.

RAISING THE DRAGON. Incineration is definitely a tool of the Akashic element of Fire. Mass is in the happy dumping ground of the Akashic element of Earth. The Fire Ego is Spirit trying to break through. What better personification for the Fire Ego can there be than a Fire Breathing Dragon? The Dragon within has far more teeth than a Guardian Angel or the Fires of Hell. We must release the Dragon in ourselves and everyone else. When enough mass surrounding Spirit has been incinerated, the Dragon will appear. When the Dragon is released, one can call on the Dragons within in everyone else for assistance, and bring them to life. Some lines in the above procedure will cease to be relevant and should be dropped. It can also help to command the targets to incinerate the mass of other people. Suitable extra lines and subjects include:-

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