D25. The Secret Weapon of MI5.

MI5 have plenty of good telepaths. If MI5 realise that a person is being targeted, or just being a nuisance, then they have a good way of closing them down. That is in the name of God, to forgive them their sins. This works extremely well if the target is panicking. This does not work if the target realises who God is, or is above them in responsibility level. The writer has gone for targets in the national interest, only to have them closed down in the government interest. As a weapon of war, this has the elegance of not looking anything like a weapon, and therefore cannot be a weapon in the eyes of most people. This makes it all the more effective in suitable circumstances. If you do not believe this story, it proves what a good weapon it is. One of the rules of the writer is "Never fight an enemy on his terms". It also pays to use weapons he does not understand.

While forgiveness of sin is hardly a Viking activity, it is a way of closing down anyone below one in responsibility level. Forgiveness is also a bottom emotion, but if the target is on a lower range of responsibility, it is a way of treating them with the contempt they deserve. It is a good way of clearing the decks so that one can go higher. The emotion of the "Forgiveness of Sin" is also useful for healing old wounds of one's own.

Useful additions include the following. Beware of undue remote influencing as that will pull one down. ENERGY is created by all levels at or above anger. Levels below anger drain energy and we would be better off without them, or at least drain out all malice. Hamlet (D3) can be useful in the following style. CRIME AND SIN should mean near enough the same but in practice do not. Crime is heavily defined by the law of the land. Sin is defined by priests, and those who would be priests like scientists, and means whatever they want it to mean. Unfortunately even priests do not know the true meaning. A responsibility taker can not sin as by definition he is responsible for his actions. Thus only a God or controller can sin, and dump his emotions on his worshippers. In a state of total responsibility, no one needs Gods. If there are no Gods, then one does not need responsibility and there can not be any sin. This does not absolve one of awareness of one's actions, or absolve anyone for justifying their actions and recreating Gods. Most of the Gods here are in excess of 5,000 years old, and some may date back billions of years. If today we sent a spaceship to some backward inhabited planet, it would be very hard not to leave some trace of Christianity. Responsibility for one's fellow men appears to come from ET Gods and not Zodiac Gods. There is little chance of finding out what the original religions and Gods were, so we just have to hope they follow the same rules as their modern counterparts. Any responsibility should be to Spirit and not Gods. Unfortunately most sin at this level is by minds against Spirit, neither of whom are likely to inform us on the original problem.

BROTHERS are a great source of conflict. In a fully telepathic society there can be no such conflict. This seems to be a conflict acquired by the use of bodies using speech and not telepathy. Thus we have conflicts of brother against brother, tribe against tribe, race against race, and ET species versus ET species. People then invent Gods to justify their actions. Try variations on the following command list. When it does work, location in Space Time is superior. There is also the rivalry of minds versus Spirit.

Subjects include:- LOCATION IN SPACE TIME can be updated as follows. If Spirit can be anywhere, it can also locate in energy, psi and psi energy. This is a good way of getting outside all minds, and one may not be so keen on going back again. Subjects include:- THE GOD WITHIN must be the ultimate psychological ego. Why not let Spirit take over control of one's unit of consciousness. Try Hamlet as in D3 on the following. Referring to Spirit as a Guardian Angel infers that it is second rate which should not be true. Subjects for a suitable command list include:- CLASS STRUCTURES IN ETs and TELEPATHIC RACES. This class structure is akin to a SF story written about 1960. In this story of an ET race, everyone had a control grade of 1 to 10. Thus a 2 could control any number of 1s. A 3 could control any number of 2s (and those 1s under them) and so on. A 10 was king. Anyone could challenge a higher grade, and if successful swap grades and take over all those controlled by the ex higher grade. A person's power was the sum total of all those he controlled multiplied by their grades. In such a scenario it is natural to be controlled by a higher grade without question. A person's responsibility is to the higher grade, not to the state or god. (As above, so below, but why be a member of the Hive?)

OUR WILL is something to sit down and quietly define. It must be reasonably enlightened and benevolent to other people. Otherwise Karma will pounce on us. When "Our Will" has been defined, try variations on the following. As our will should be above that of telepathic races like ETs, the results can be interesting.

Subjects include:- RECEIVING can be made into a useful command list. Logically it should be possible to receive the ultimate enlightenment or ability enlightenment, but things do not seem to be quite that way. Bodies can not generate any of the following. Subjects include:- SOKAR is a God of ancient Egypt and the precursor of Osiris. He may be the oldest known God in this world. He does appear to underpin the whole of the Zodiac, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Do a bit of remote viewing to find out what race he was.

KEMETIC ORTHODOXY is the current practice of the ancient faith of Kemet (known today as Egypt). Thus it can lay claim to being the oldest establishment religion and father of all others. THE FIRES OF HELL or PURGATORY are good for cleaning up rubbish as Fire is not a true Akashic element but Spirit breaking through. The following was very useful for the Millennium when many things woke up. Try variations on the following according to what works, which will vary according to target.

Subjects include:- ARCHAEOLOGY. There is still plenty of mind locked up in ancient sources. The writer has been investigating Tibetan Bon Gods who allege that they can give one cancer, and other forms of sick enlightenment. These sources predate anything from Ancient Egypt, and confound the views of all historians as to the time scales of history. It looks as if some of the Ancient Bon got locked up in their own curses, in much the same way as Tutankhamun. Memes and Gods appear to be interchangeable. Chakras appear necessary to body health. Try variations on the following. The list is far too long to use the lot at any one time and there may be omissions. Subjects include:- SPIRIT TOTALITIES. These have been listed in section D24. If these, perverse ones, and any others one can think of are in good order, then so should you. The important ones are love and above. Anger and the Fires of Hell and Purgatory have a lot in common.

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