D24. The World Energy Grid and Personal Telepathic Nets.

Caution - The reader may have to switch off Reality to read this.

THE WORLD ENERGY GRID is described on other web sites. See the links under "World Energy Grid, Bruce Cathie and Buckminster Fuller list" on the front page for better detail. Basically this is a grid of energy lines which criss cross the globe. It is physical enough for Captain Bruce Cathie to work out the mathematics of the harmonics of this Grid. He has worked out where and when you can explode a nuclear device and where and when it will go off with a dull and dirty thud. Ley lines are probably part of this. This is probably quite physical and unlikely to affect anyone by means of malice. It is either a natural phenomena, or laid down by ETs or an earlier civilisation without malice, perhaps to provide free energy. The problem appears to be that various ETs and people have observed the Grid, and laid their own psychotic grids on top to farm and control the human race. The is also at least one race trying to farm the rest.

Each Grid or part of a grid of the man made type, appears to have a structure like that of a zodiac. If violated it will produce the psychosis of minds and appears to be a precursor of psychosis or minds. Possibly the psychosis of minds are there to prevent anyone inspecting grids. Another possibility is that the rules of the physical universe are enough to send any Spirit crazy. The realities here create the illusion that we have no control over space time.

Try the following procedure and variations on it. Add and delete according to what works. Destruction can be a good alternative to reorganisation if one feels like it. Subjects include the following. THE GRID NET. The equivalent of the Telepathic Net appears to be as follows. Make everything personal and reclaim what is yours. Use top down or bottom up according to which works best. If in doubt, start at forgiveness and work up. Note that bodies wish to be psychic, while Spirit needs to be physical. All the items below exist but may have to be dug up. Add and delete as required Probably the hardest one to crack is "Total Personal Masters".

COMMAND LIST. The Grid List above can also be used as subjects for a suitable command list. Destruction is a good alternative to Reorganisation. If one really disapproves of any item, then Reincarnation is a useful alternative. Use the style:-

THE LIVING DEAD one may come across are entities that fear reincarnation due their sins while in Spirit. To avoid reincarnation, they must vampire the living for energy. This is a little different to the living dead of Transylvania who dare not be reincarnated due to their sins while in body. While we are body, we have a duty to that body to aid its survival.

CREATION can be used once one has access to the personal source in the style:-

EXTRA ITEMS for the GRID LIST include. OUT OF BODY can be a useful dimension to the Grid List in the style below. The word personal may be inappropriate as this infers the body.
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