D22. God Machines and Commanding Telepathic Nets..

PSYCHIC ARCHEOLOGY. In times past mind machines have been laid down to control Man. The latest is always the God Machine, and as Satan is yesterday's God, all older machines are Satan Machines. These machines are best made responsible for their actions. At the turn of of the Millenium, we should take responsibility for our own actions and make our own destiny. The anatomy of such a machine is as follows. THE EGYPTIAN GOD MACHINE was made by the Pharaohs to control the known World and keep political order. This may be first known example of the New World Order. Sir Flinders Petrie climbed the real Mount Sinai in 1905. At the top, some 2,500 foot up, he found a temple to Hathor and various artifacts. His work was disowned by the archaeological authorities as it did not illustrate the scripture. Thus he published his work privately. Thus it seems Moses climbed the mountain to visit the temple, and was given the 10 Commandments. Legend has it that he was also given the Cabala from the Archangel Metatron. What is more likely is that the Egyptian priests wanted to pass control of the God Machine into safe hands. Since this time the machine has been forgotten by the Egyptians, and is now maintained by the Jews, occultists and magicians. The original epicentre may be a block of stone somewhere under the pyramids. Its goals and objectives are defined by the Cabala. It controls all religions where there is a single God and all number 1 Gods in other religions.

THE TIBETAN MACHINE. This appears to control Eastern Asia, and tries to keep everything balanced. Thus Buddhism is a logical outcome, where the objective is Enlightenment or balance with all forces within. The plan appears to be in the form of a mandala. The original epicentre may a copper bowl, whereabouts unknown. This appears to be older than the Egyptian machine. Watch out for sick enlightenment.

SATELLITES can be found for these machines, but can not take over as new God Machines as they are dependent on older versions. There may be one of these in Birka, in Sweden, the old Viking / Khazar trading port.

OLDER MACHINES can appear which can be attributed to earlier civilisations and ETs. There appears to be an interesting incongruity in Antarctica with plans in the form of stars.

CROP CIRCLES are a modern form of mind machine. Many people believe that they are some form of energy trap. ETs are unlikely to do anything for nothing. Common consensus is that this is fair trading, but it would help to know what is being traded. The writer has visions of ETs using second hand minds as we use video tapes.

The reader may not find some of these machines, if the writer and others have been successful in dismantling them. However some silly fool may have constructed a new one in the meantime.

ILLUMINATI and BLACK MAGIC are really psychotic mental disorders. There is no such organisation as the Illuminati. However as Jews are more emotional than Anglo-Saxons, they are better telepaths. Some of their telepathy is of such low order and psychotic that the symptom of this psychosis is to convince everyone else that there is a secret Jewish organisation seeking total world domination. The illuminati does not appear to be a vice of the Liberal or Reform Jew. Black magic is psychosis telepathed out to the rest of the community. Psychotics are advised to keep their emotions to themselves, advice a psychotic is unlikely to take.

THE TELEPATHIC NET. Eventually one loses patience with machines and controllers messing one up on the Telepathic Net. There are also plenty of private nets. It is time to clear the Net of all rubbish, say in the style. Use top down or bottom up according to which works best.

THE TRAP OF GODSHIP. A problem with the work in this section is that it makes one eminently suitable to be God, which is the highest aspiration of minds and mentalism.

PSYCHOSIS. Ultimately all magic (black or white), gods, religions and theologies turn into contagious psychosis, which is what they really are.

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