D21. Spirit Communication and Flows.

DEFINITION OF TERMS USED. EMOTION. The last section is good for the spiritual emotion of anger, but there are emotions above. There are plenty of forces who not wish you to be free. Try variations on the following. One can always go back to earlier command lists if the material is too heavy. Alternatives to serenity include. The following 2 questions can come in handy, according to the nature of the subject if it is of dubious desirability like control. PSYCHO-PHYSICAL ABILITY. Abilities based around telepathy are fairly easy. Abilities such as predicting the future and levitation are extremely rare. There are still plenty of people who wish to stop one trying as it would do terrible things to minds. A reasonable hypothesis is that such abilities are there but in a very weak state. The writer knows of no meditational method to develop them. If one can stop all those who oppose all such activity, then they may grow on their own. Minds can not produce such activity, only spirit. Spirit is best left uncontrolled. Alternatives include. SPIRIT COMMUNICATION seems to follow similar rules to ordinary verbal communication. However there are some changes in emphasis which make it look different. Try the following. Some blocking factors may be too near to home. Alternatives include. CRIMINALS. There is lot of psychic crime about. This is above the law. Any God in evidence is a criminal and so are his servants. Subjects include. EARTH UNIVERSAL SUBCONSCIOUS also known as GAIA. This was set by our genetic engineers to keep us in order. This has a number of barriers. The principal one being against the Akashic element of Fire, as Fire will undo their work. Those who have read Sitchin can suspect Ninki, alias Ninharsag and Hathor as it does have a feminine bias. The writer suspects our current ET friends of adding to it. Man does not need Zodiac material or any other form of meme, but it does seem of importance to the Anunnaki, for their own reasons and to keep the slaves in order. THE FORGIVENESS OF SIN can be a useful way of silencing the telepathic market place. However Gods are always on one side of a duality and not the other. Thus it is best to forgive everyone their sins in the name of every God and Satan one can think of. FUTURE ACTIONS are always more important than the past, which is past and gone for ever. You may be above the spirit emotion of responsibility, but the market place is most unlikely to be so. REJUVENATING SPIRIT. Spirit exists in a telepathic society, and telepathic societies are notorious for restricting free will. When remote viewing ETs, most of them know the meaning of the word Individuality but do not like it. The Greys do not understand the word. Spirit tends to shrink to the lowest denominator, even lower than that achieved by psychiatrists. Spirit is on a self destructive dwindling spiral. Spirit is weary of eternity and needs rejuvenating. Try the following. PSYCHIC OR TELEPATHIC ENLIGHTENMENT is to be had. However this is balance between the market place and one's own filtering and telepathic abilities. This has little to do with the volume one can telepath or receive. It has nothing to do with physical telekinetic ability. BEING is much preferred to doing by the market place. Also the missing element in the market place is the destruction of rubbish (the Akashic element of Fire). This missing element can be expressed as telekinesis, which will be the mental version (the destruction of mental rubbish) unless one is very lucky. Try variations on the following, dedicated to the British civil servant (government official). TELEKINESIS in its mental form is the active element of the Akashic Element of Fire, and destroys all minds. As the Buddha pointed out 2,500 years ago, you do not need a mind. If we take telekinesis to its illogical conclusion, we may possible get the psi form. Psi is an alternative to telekinesis. Try variations on the following. DOING. A short procedure is as follows. Amend to suit.
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