D20. Tidying up the Universal Subconscious.

UNCONTROL can be expanded further, but the lists below are in dubious order. As one rises, so one has to give up personal responsibility for group responsibility. This spells the end of anything one has been using as an ego. Anyway, egos are not that good for psi. The Water Ego went with the first and primary Enlightenment. Below is the list of emotions above control. Make sure that the versions one is using are the real ones and not those of mentalism. The late unlamented Senator McCarthy was famous for the question. The Communist Party is a problem to very few people today, but it does make a good basis for a question to ask straight into the Universal Subconscious. This is not to burn anyone at the stake, but to bring everything out into the open and let Karma do the rest. This will find out anyone using the Universal Subconscious to mask their actions. We are after covert actions, not overt ones. There is plenty of guilt in the Universal Subconscious and some may be closer to home than one expects. The Universal Subconscious is made up of people, and due to telepathy some of those in one's own little sector may be the other side of the World. Senator McCarthy must have been quite aware of how this sort of question can set people's teeth on edge, or he would not have used the question. However this does get into places which tamer procedures will not reach. These are one off commands but there are plenty of permutations. When one gets responses like the following, one has gone too far in the wrong direction. As the emphasis is on doing, the following additions is in order. A COMMAND LIST can be created as follows as soon as one has found out how to handle the guilt of the Universal Subconscious. The user can pick his own targets. The above digs up all the substandard emotions in one's sector of the Universal Subconscious. Thus one has to be prepared for things like the following. If something with more teeth is needed, try the following front end. There are plenty of variations.
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