D19. Into Space Time.

EMOTIONS ABOVE CONTROL. Some further progress is possible if one can be bothered. Positive emotions above control need to be regenerated. All emotions at control and below are negative, and Gods and archetypes can be included in with them. The list below is a good check list to keep positive emotions regenerated.

What is the use of trying to predict the lottery, if some wretched worshipers are praying to one for the results. When handling worshippers, add in an extra tine in one's current list to make them totally responsible for their actions. If one can genuinely get up to the emotional level of ability, it may be possible to predict lotteries, but this is impossible if worshipers are dragging one down. Leave control of God to the vested interests who wish to control God. One can always reorganise a vested interest if it gets out of hand.

CONTROL. A reasonable list of the emotions of control, fossilised and otherwise, at this level are below. Do masters create worshipers, or do worshippers create masters, or is this a case of chicken and the egg? UNCONTROL and the TOTALITIES. Uncontrol comes above control and includes the Totalities listed elsewhere. The Totalities may be the true emotions above control. It may well be that the range observation to exhilaration is merely a response to the emotions of control and below. The rude name for uncontrol is Satanism, but this is merely uncontrol gone wrong and the misuse of control over other people. THOUGHT. Consider the following statements. Use Hamlet as in D3 if necessary. Meditation as defined here, cannot produce true spirit action or psi. It can however remove most of the negative influences. The position changes once one gets above the pain and energy barriers. There is a lot of perverse and homosexual love around. God is all the rubbish centring around the emotion of control. Other control mechanisms include zodiacs, dualities, objectives and karma. If things get rough, use the Viking Gods as a subject as at least they are reasonably clean and heterosexual. God is the shortfall in responsibility for one's actions.

SYSTEMS RESPONSIBLE TO THEMSELVES can not be touched by anyone who is not responsible to himself. There can be great arguments at to whether matter is real and solid, a waveform, or a dream of God. If one can take on the responsibility of God, then one can look at such things. If one is completely responsible to oneself, then one is God whether one wants to be or otherwise. Psi, matter, energy, space and time (past, present and future) may come into this category; test them out.

GOD is the shortfall in one's personal responsibility, or the collective shortfall of society.

ABDUCTION UNCONSCIOUSNESS is caused by an excess of a perverse type of love which may be mechanically induced.

THE PAIN AND ENERGY BARRIERS changes one's viewpoint. Once one is through it, one is above responsibility and everything appears in a new light.

COMMAND LIST. Assigning responsibility removes the need for any God. This will help to deal with dubious forces that clog up the works. Some of the below is not suitable for all purposes. Build up and use a list as appropriate to the circumstances. There is too much here to use the lot at any one time.

Subjects include the following. To test enlightenment try the following. To go above enlightenment into ability try the following to knock out the barriers. To clean up energy try the following. CONTROL OF GOD. There is a fight for control of God between the rabbis and various intelligence agencies. The current winner is the organisation that can take most responsibility for its actions. The Christian Church does not come into this as it is too hung up on sexual morality and care of bodies that have nothing to do with spirituality. The Nordic ETs are worth looking at, as they have had more influence on human development than any other ETs, and may still have control of God at a very high level. From the point of view of the psychic (and spirits), God is a device for keeping the peasants (and rival psychics) in order. Thus the biggest enemy of a psychic can be another psychic especially if they are behaving in a negative fashion. Be positive and let everyone be a winner.

ARCHETYPES appear to be one of the sources of zodiacs. All Gods are archetypes. Some archetypes are Gods. The great current source of archetypes appear to the Spin Doctors telling the Politically Correct how to think. To knock out the emotion of control try the following. Add in anything else which still works. Control can not go above control, but reorganising can.

Subjects include. After one has knocked out the emotions below energy, there seem to be remarkably few above energy. The apparent attributes above energy may be simply a reaction to those below.

A stronger list is:-

Subjects include. THE FORGIVENESS OF SIN is not much use unless the targets are made responsible for their actions first. However it is much appreciated by most people. Use God as the subject and add in the following. THE ULTIMATE DUALITY appears to be Light versus Darkness or Mentalism. Test the following subjects.
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