D18. Totality.

GOD is a concept which is beyond entities, archetypes and definitions. This idiot will attempt some definitions. In the West we live in a monotheist society. He who controls God has certain advantages. The best way of not being a victim of the controllers of God is to be one of the controller, or be well above it. GAIA is the concept of Earth or the Universe if one wishes. DISCORD has various causes. ZERO. ACQUIRED TECHNOLOGY is only of use if one can use it and make it one's own. This is one of the basis of good education, but unfortunately not state education. Up to 500 BC the World was round. From 500 BC to 1500 AD the World was flat because no one had a use for a round World. Then Magellan sailed around the World and a round World became useful. We have all heard the phrase "Not invented here". Technology only becomes one's own when one can advance it.

CHARISMATICS and WHITE MAGICIANS are not normally a problem. When they do become unbalanced, look for their lovers. The great enemy of any magician is reincarnation. White magic is good at clogging up the works and disguising real motives.

COMMAND LIST. Start your own list from the following. Contents may depend on one's mood.

Subjects include the following. Pick the view from the high ground where possible. For the really high ground out of the way of all Gods and mentalism. Ability and action are above enlightenment. REGENERATION is needed to keep everything dynamic and to keep reality in line with requirements.
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