S07 / D17. Harmonics and Dynamics.

FOR THOSE TAKING SHORT CUTS. See section R15 for alternative tools to "Reorganise". See also sections D09 and D12.

HARMONY is a state of order, agreement or completeness in the relation of things, or of parts of a whole to each other (Webster). Harmony is passive. Harmony is made up of harmonics.

DYNAMICS pertain to forces not in equilibrium, or to motion as the result of force (Webster). Thus real dynamics cannot be static or passive. Dynamics involve force and energy. RESONANCE. UNIVERSAL SUBCONSCIOUS and PERSONAL SUBCONSCIOUS. If these are kept clean, then they will work automatically for one and let one get on with more important things.

SATAN or DEVIL is the name normally given to a politically incorrect God. Who has the right to decide what is politically correct for other people? Let the Devil take the lot. Political correctness is mind control for those lacking in personal responsibility.

DARK ANGELS are entities who have lived on Earth. They are not enlightened enough to choose their own destiny. They fear reincarnation as then they would become victims of their own karma. They avoid reincarnation by shedding their karma on to the living. Farming the peculiar energy of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers is a great aid to them. They tend to use the identities of higher beings like the Elohim or Nordic ETs. They have strong links into the Acquired Memory Syndrome, MS, farming (cf vampirism), manufactured Gods, golems and secret societies. They will love you to death. They are sick and revolting.

THE ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE SYNDROME is similar to the acquired memory syndrome. Knowledge of how a computer chip works is instantly forgettable, but people know where to find it again if necessary. Knowledge is only useful if one can use it and make it one's own. Most religious and occult knowledge fails the test of having any practical use. Then there is the knowledge given by spirit guides which may or may not have any use. Then there is the knowledge given by Dark Angels, especially to secret lodges. Most of this has to be stripped away if one wants real ability. Ultimately enlightenment and spiritual knowledge are of little significance, but personal responsibility is everything.

ANGEL is a general term for Spirit as viewed by a body. The Dark Angels mentioned above are without body, but most people have a Spirit attached and this is the type described here. Dion Fortune reckoned that she had met some bodies without Spirit who had "The morality of the farm yard". Decide which angels are required and add them to one's list of subjects. Spirit is one or many, and does not follow the same rules of identity as say bodies. Thus Spirit as one is God, as one of many is your Guardian Angel, and for the Gods of any religion is somewhere inbetween.

COMMAND LIST. This cannot disturb any natural system. This will restore harmony from attempts of distortion. Start your own list from the following. Decide which tool to use from from section R15 in case "Reorganise" is not the best one for you. Cut the list down to a suitable size and then build it up again. Add and invent missing lines as appropriate. Let Spirit, intuition, intelligence (or low cunning if all else fails) be your guide. Subjects include the following. Pick the view from the high ground where possible.
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