D16. Entropy of the Universe and Apocalypses.

The Universe in general is in a state of entropy or decay, and needs to be cleaned up. Much has been created, and then distorted, patched and patched again, when it should have been dismantled soon after creation. Every so often the whole system will rebel and this is known as an apocalypse. An apocalypse is a natural cleansing process, but is unlikely to be appreciated by all at the time. A number of small apocalypses are preferable to one large one. The ordinary Apocalypse as described in the Bible concerns man in relation to his ego. Any apocalypse in this section concerns man in relation to the Universal Subconscious.

One is normally quite used to the vices and black magic of one's own country, race and religion. When these vices are detected, they are not hard to handle. Then there the vices and black magic of the other country, race and religion, which are always worse than Satanism. This is a problem of crossing the boundaries of country, race and religion. The other side always believes that they have God given rights to perpetuate their vices, whereas you are quite sane and logical. Most people's of the World believe they are God's chosen race, superior to everyone else, and have a right to rule the World. As man is not cloned, no 2 men will ever be equal. It would be better if people forgot their rights and sought to show their ability by what they can do. Of course these comments do not apply to yourself, your country, race or religion.

Subject to your country not being at war, any reasonable command list is liable to break every blasphemy act, race relations act, and every other politically correct act going. The problem is that one has to deal with every enemy of one's country, race and religion. The other side may return the compliment to you. No law was ever passed to protect the truth. Thus look at the list below, adapt it to your own use and make the necessary additions and deletions. Do not tell anyone else what you are using. This is not quite the list used by the writer.


Subjects include the following. Pick the view from the high ground where possible.
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