DXA. Miscellaneous Notes.

HANDLING MASS. There is plenty of mass of various sorts. Behind every mass is a creator. The easy way of dealing with masses is to go for their creators. Try subjects from lines 1 and 2 alternately. Line 3 should be able to take out all available masses and creators, and is the fastpath. If one ignores creators, masses can become far too heavy. On no account try to work on other people's masses. Go for their creators instead. Levels of responsibility are also good for flushing out creators. DEMONS, DAEMONS AND GODS. These are non incarnating spirit entities. There are also the non incarnating ETs described in "Extra Terrestrials and Their Moral Codes". What one calls them depends largely on one's opinion of their games. Whether they respond or not depends on their opinion of one's description. Politeness does pay. These gods cannot be held to a contract as can the lower Gods of the mind. All these entities including demons are spirit beings of a very high order. If one's level of enlightenment can match theirs, they are far more civilised than human beings. As they do not have bodies or brains, they cannot meditate to higher levels of enlightenment. 99% of the human race does not wish to be saved as it is controlled by minds. Demons are different. They positively welcome anything that will give them greater enlightenment, no matter how barbaric. This improves the quality of their games. At this level, giving enlightenment by third party meditation is cheaper than giving energy. They are energy hungry. There are plenty of demons. Those in one's own country are better able to conceal themselves from view. Once one is truly on their level, they are no problem.

THE TELEPATHIC NET. Most readers will be conversant with the Internet. There is also a telepathic net or network with many variations and plenty of mass. This is a linkup of telepathic entities with bodies or without. Every entity has a mind so the net is not clean. Try the following.

DEMONIC POSSESSION AND NUTCASES. When a person's alleged enemies cannot be located or appear to be unreal, assume demonic possession. Demons can do terrible things to reality. When dealing with nutcases, make sure that responsibility for technologies, demons and black magic is included in the current meditational procedure. Paranoia can be regarded as black magic gone wrong. The technologies of Spirit will be seen by the body as black magic, if they do not seem to be in the interests of the body. It is often best to assume everyone is a nutcase until proved otherwise. A sane person is expected to be responsible for his right hand, left foot, all entities within, his demons, his spirit guides and anything else he may have. He is expected to keep them under reasonable control. ON NO ACCOUNT THROW OUT DEMONS. The chief demon is liable to be a person's God Within. Make all demons responsible for their actions. You too may be a demon one day. Use the following subjects in rotation. META LANGUAGES AND CODES. Codes can exist at many levels. A few are listed below. Meta languages open up the basic levels of all levels of Spirit, mind and body, and turns the lot into demons. One is liable to find more demons than an American evangelist. A demon is simply an entity that is not doing its job properly. It is the duty of the body to keep all demons in order, so that the body can function properly. If all demons are commanded to be responsible for their actions, then they will do their job properly and cease to be demons. This may seem like management from the bottom. It is better to regard the whole system as a matrix. Each part is expected to do its part towards the quality of survival of the whole. Cleaning up the appropriate meta language is useful in remote viewing for getting into areas that are otherwise barred. However there are dangers of getting into the wrong area. Subjects include the following. HEALING. Total Personal Responsibility does imply responsibilities towards one's fellow men and women. You may need their help again one day. Total Personal Anger is a good energy source and worth cleaning up in other people. Remove the controls on anger and most people should be able to heal themselves. Under the old rules of demonology, a victim must have invited the demon in. The exorcist has to invite it out and raise the victim's level of responsibility, so that it does not come back. The same rules may apply to the psychic elements of disease.

Just about every medical complaint has some psychosomatic or psychic element, especially those not caused by bacteria and viruses. Recognised psychosomatics and degenerative diseases have the most. Cancer kills 30% of the population, so just fear of cancer is enough to generate a negative psychic element or demon. If the psychosomatic element can be purged and made responsible for its actions, the self healing properties of the body may be able to do most of the rest. The Russians claimed to be able to send people cancer. Jim Schnabel in his book, Remote Viewing, The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, ISBN 0-440-22306-7, comments that too many of the Grill Flame people died of cancer, leukaemia, and heart attacks for coincidence. Try the following in rotation on a suitable target. The target may not appreciate it as there are advantages to being ill, so be prepared to try their demons as well. It is easier to work with people who try to hide their complaints as they want to rid of them; the problem there is locating the complaint.

PSYCHO-GENETIC CONDITIONS. Psycho-genetics is a term for anything that has both psychic or psychological, and genetic components, causing conditions that may not be in our best interests. Psychosomatic disorders and degenerative illnesses like cancer come under this heading. So probably is the current ego. For any psycho-genetic condition the following are needed. There is a strong link between psycho-genetics and vampirism. Subjects include. PSYCHOTRONICS. This comes from the Russian name for psychic stuff as developed by the KGB. This is the sort of thing that gives one heart attacks or cancer. The KGB is no longer, but there are psychotronic engineers putting out really foul stuff, and are the current human equivalent of zodiac engineers. There are some ex KGB personnel for hire.

MASSES. One can hunt down every kind of mass one can think of. The various types of masses do not talk to each other. They can be as sensitive about their colour as the KKK and Black Power. They can be as class conscious as the downwardly mobile. Hunting masses is like geology with everything in layers. Behind every mass is a creator. The easy way of dealing with masses is to go for their creators. Try subjects from lines 1 and 2 alternately. Line 4 should be able to take out all available masses and creators. On no account try to work on other peoples' masses. Go for their creators instead.

THE ARCHETYPAL GODS. When all masses and creators are at a low level, the archetypal gods come into view to be cleaned up. There are enough to justify the Viking, Hindu and Greek pantheons with plenty to spare. Assume that they are all corrupt. They can make very bad enemies if ignored. These are high level entities within but can also exist as free entities. Will people who make designer gods please dismantle them after use. There are so many designer gods left lying around, that they have taken us over. This is not a matter of wearing last year's fashions, but those of a million years ago. PSYCHIC MASS is fairly free of class and colour, but does contain everything that cannot possibly be. Psychic viruses are an extension of psycho genetics and behave like biological and computer viruses, causing ill health and malfunction. SYMBIOSIS is supposed to be for mutual benefit. When a host is better off without a symbiote, the symbiote becomes a parasite. There are plenty of one sided agreements about, and there are plenty in favour of Spirit. The body could probably solve half the problems of Spirit if only they were not hidden, and the body could see what they are. The top identities for Spirit are being a god or demon, but they are still identities. There are also artificial and subject zodiacs, generated by moral codes, which in turn produce new moral codes. Some zodiacs are quite psychotic. Zodiacs are best treated as biological or computer viruses. We have enough controllers already without any hidden ones.

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