D15. Harmony with Spirit and Gaia, and above all Minds.

To go higher than the last section, we must lose responsibility and concentrate on action or doing. Examine everything in real time. Minds are great devices for getting other people to do your actions for you by proxy and thus avoiding responsibility. However if everyone is controlled by minds, then no one is in control. This sounds like certain intelligence agencies at various times. Do things yourself. To put this another way, you may get energy from the Aether but not vampire anyone else to get it. As everything below the level of responsibility is non survival, there can be no true magic or psi below this level, but only mind control, illusion and delusion. In this section, we are going both outwards and upwards. Thus there may be an appearance or illusion of duplication. Try variations on the following list. Use the short list for higher attributes and abilities like psi.


COMMAND LISTS. Reorganisation is less emotive than recreation. LOCATION IN SPACE TIME. Subjects include. HARMONY AND MAGIC. Gods are noted for unlimited superhuman powers or magic. However as there is not much sign of this in real time, the magic must be psychological. If gods must be tyrants, we are better off without them. Anyway spirits with or without bodies create gods and satans and not visa versa. The order in the following list may be dubious as it seems to vary every time the writer looks at it. Try fitting some of into the command list and chop out the dead wood. Fit the list to current circumstances. The entry points appear to be magic and harmony.

CONTROL OF ONE'S THOUGHTS is not worth pursuing for its own sake, as most thought is body generated. Personal responsibility will look after the rest.

Subjects include. THE ULTIMATE GOD should be Spirit, but as Spirit would prefer us to be responsible for our own action, godship is passed back to us. We are the new Gods provided we will take the responsibility. All the false Gods and Satans generated by minds need to be cleared out. ABOVE ALL MINDS AND CLEANING UP. The writer has come to the end of what appears to be the mind and he has lost interest for obvious reasons. The great problem is overrun of procedures and methods. If one proceeds on the same course, a person will put the mind and zodiacs back in place. This is a problem in all religions and mental systems. The World is full of overrunners of some type or other. Anger is a great cleansing agent. The best place to be is above all minds, but some cleansing may be needed first. FOSSILISED HIERARCHIES belong to minds and have no place in the rule of Spirit. Spirit prefers matrix organisations. Spirit has no time for Big Brother. You, Man, Spirit and Gaia should be in charge of all minds, and not visa versa. Anyone who thinks he is superior to anyone else or has god given rights is a usurper. All responsibilities should be in real time. Gaia or the Goddess of Earth is not Spirit but behaves in a parallel way and may be far older than Spirit. She has no objections to a little flattery in the form of worship, but has no wish to control. Who will avenge the psychological rape of Gaia? She is the local representative of the Living Universe. ACQUIRED MINDS are a barrier we must get above. Satan is there, represented by a hard core in the Earth human Universal Subconscious which is accessible as it is an acquired mind. This looks like the result of the actions of ETs, Anunnaki, Nefilim, genetic and zodiac engineers. The original work was not necessarily evil, but the remnants sure do need cleaning up. Those who want a universal creator should look to Gaia and the Living Universe, and perhaps their sources. Spirit is only too willing to energise the Archetypal Gods. GAIA. The way to her heart is by understanding. Once one gets rid of the rubbish of mentalism and psychology, she has gifts to offer. You will be told secrets that no man may tell you. GOOD HUNTING.
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