D14. Playing the duties of God.

SOURCES OF MINDS. For the purposes of this section there are 3 main sources, and it not that clear which one we are dealing with at any one time. THE FREEDOMS below appear to be the main ones. They are suitable for any command list that does not contain responsibility. One can replace Free with Free Psychic. THE NOISE OF THE MARKET PLACE. There comes a point where one decides that one is as enlightened as they are ever likely to be. The problem is then the noise from the market place and the antics of various black magicians. This leaves no alternative but to play God. On no account must one be God as that will loop one back into minds. There is no help here from the Christian Church as they are only concerned with the celibacy or homosexual purity of Joshua Ben Joseph. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Joshua was not married, and the title of Rabbi implies that he was. The poor old Church of England is just spiritually incompetent. The Orthodox Jewish rabbis do very much better but they do lean towards a tyrant God and the New World Order. Thus it is up to we Vikings to provide clean Gods for everyone else.

THE VOICE OF GOD. Something on the lines of the list below is needed. See what flows and produces abreaction. It will have no effect on anyone not creating malice or undue control. For the writer, the Nefilim / Anunnaki of ancient Sumer keep cropping up, so Sitchin must be at least part right. It is unlikely to provide any real personal enlightenment but can produce understanding.

DUALITIES. The ultimate dualities are between any duality and nothing at all, and is a source of further dualities. New dualities are a solution for old dualities. A better solution is to purge the original duality. Being able to ESP and not being able to ESP is a duality and may be out of fossilised choice.

CONSCIENCE may be something left by the genetic engineers. Dispose of fossilised conscience and "He who cares" and one can have enlightenment. However this enlightenment is suspect as it means one is in balance with something. When domesticating wild animals it is quite normal to breed towards the juvenile form. Organised religion seems to have similar ideas. The device here appears to be connected with responsibility. We are supposed to be responsible to our creators (genetic engineers), and thus any responsibility to one's wife is sinful. They did not want us to take responsibility for our own actions. If you were one of the genetic engineers, what would you have left behind to stop man getting too big for his boots? Look out for curses, hexes and the entities behind them. From below practically everything looks like a curse.

MILKING WORSHIPERS. Anyone who worships you should get what they deserve. They are pure freeloaders and vampires and are in no way students. The writer is not going to give a milking procedure, as that is something a person can construct themselves. Alternate your own procedure with something more positive. Show as little mercy as they show to you. They will not acknowledge anything you do for them for theological reasons.

LOCATION IN SPACE TIME. Universes are dependent on minds so that dimensions may be a better alternative to universes. Subjects include.
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