D13. Life after zodiacs and relearning to think.

Dualities underpin all zodiacs. Zodiacs still exist but one is not directly linked in if one has the concept of free zodiacs. Thus there are many enemies that wish to reclaim what they believe to be theirs. First we have to relearn how to think and do without the help of zodiacs. The Laws of Karma need to be cleaned of all zodiac corruption and form the next main barrier above zodiacs. The freedoms that disappear with zodiacs are associated with morals and ethics. There are still freedoms associated with ability, karma and most things in the table below. There seems to be little flak from bacterial and viral diseases, but there is quite a lot contributing to or caused by degenerative diseases.

TABLE OF ATTRIBUTES OF SPIRIT. What unfolds is best shown in the following table, which to conventional thinking is about as understandable as a Japanese Zen koan. Without the zodiacs to corrupt thought, there are a few changes. Due to mixing spirit and body attributes and emotions, the exact order may be dubious especially as it should really be a matrix. Everything at energy and above must be kept clean and operational. Also Spirit behaves both as an individual entity and as a group entity. The free forms are good as meditational subjects. Amend the table to suit your requirements.

As postulation becomes an emotion, about the only thing that will work is location as a meditational command list. Awakeness is very important and location is about the only compatible thing Subjects include.

THE PSI CONSPIRACY. This appears to exist to prevent us using psi. All conspiracies have conspirators and in this case they are tied up with the identities we have and use. We use identities to stop the body upsetting Spirit and Spirit upsetting bodies, allowing them to keep their own little universes. In this way, identities and universes do not have to take responsibility for the antics of another identity or universe. If we want the body to be able to use psi, then all universes must talk to each other. Try the following unless it loops one back into unhandled zodiac material, when something more basic is appropriate. Free versions of things do not appear to work.

According to scientists, all men have a common ancestor, Black Eve who lived in the Great Rift Valley in Africa 200,000 years ago. The Sumerian legends as described by Zecharia Sitchin from clay tablets, tell of ET genetic engineers who 300,000 years ago created man. Due to the inaccuracy of all dates BC, these dates probably describe a common event. They wanted slaves for the mines in the Great Rift Valley. There was a troublesome ape who could not be domesticated or tamed, and who sprung all their animal traps. This ape was genetically engineered into man. Early attempts would not breed which is not surprising for such hybrids. Then came Adam and Eve who knew how to breed and the story of the Garden of Eden. The material here supports Sitchin, and the Sumerian legends, though there may have been more ETs than Sitchin credits. Sitchin's ETs are the Nefilim / Anunnaki. The ET genetic engineers appear to have left a few safeguards to prevent man from competing with them. The following command list is a one off to cover the above problem. The best way of getting rid of worshipers seems to be to make them responsible for the Nefilim / Anunnaki.

Subjects include.

SPIRIT behaves both as one entity that has not divided, and a multitude of entities which have divided from one. This defies ordinary human logic. As any part of Spirit can be a representative of the whole, there can be a few multiplier effects. Try the following piece of Hamlet if this is a problem.

BENCHMARKING RESPONSIBILITY becomes all important, so the command list has to be turned around. Only minds can be made responsible to oneself and Spirit as they are not living entities. If they are responsible to you they can have no effect on you. This has little or no effect on bodies and Spirits. Some of the material here can be straight out of Zecharia Sitchin and his descriptions of the Nefilim / Anunnaki as translated from the clay tablets of ancient Sumer. It would seem that our creators or genetic engineers left a few booby traps to prevent us outcreating them. Sitchin asks the question, "Who created the Nifilim". So do we. ENLIGHTENMENT is available for psychological purposes but still does not carry ability. With complete knowledge there is no need for understanding. Whether or not Spirit understands space time is another matter. The battle cry of enlightenment is "Who Cares!". However enlightenment is still a balance point, in this case between body and Spirit. To go higher one must investigate responsibilities. DISCONNECTED ENTITIES must be reconnected. The entities concerned probably disconnected themselves to prevent being associated with such base concepts as a God or Gods. THE TOP OF THE LIST at the start of this section is hard to use because it is the top. Low emotions do give the best polarity against the top. Polarity is poor when it the top versus the top. Whatever one does must be based on action. EXISTENCE and NON EXISTENCE appear to be the important subjects, to sort out which is which.
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