D12. Magic, Psychicism, Psychic Universes and Free Zodiacs.

THE QUEST FOR PSI. THE PSYCHIC UNIVERSES are the interfaces directly between Spirit and body without any zodiac minds. Unfortunately there is still some prototype zodiac material around. Duality seems to be the key here, and is best known for such fights as "Good versus Evil, Male versus Female, Body versus Spirit, Active versus Passive, Mind versus No Mind, Butter versus Margarine, etc". It does not pay to be stuck on any particular side. Freedom from psychic censorship and psychic possessions are also important. Until one can really get into these universes, everything has to be prefixed with the word psychic. Charisma may be more important to Spirit than the body. It may be tied up with Spirit control. Do not remove the word Psychic from ability. Psychic anger is the best benchmark. The amount of obvious psi available is subject to one's genes and training. Suggested command lists are given below with bracketed items for later use. However the lists can be very variable and must be played by ear. LOCATION IN SPACE TIME COMMAND LIST needs to be amended as location in Spirit seems to be all important. SUBJECTS ARE SUBJECT TO THE LIMITS OF ONE'S IMAGINATION. As we are trying to get out of minds, use free forms wherever possible. They include. THE MIND VERSUS NO MIND is the duality here. We hide behind the skirts of Gods, Goddesses, minds and the zodiac material within minds. If we wish to be free, can we afford to do so? As we are trying to get out of minds, using free forms wherever possible is obligatory. PSYCHIC DUALITY appears to be a key forward towards obvious psi. There are plenty of other dualities to be found provided one looks. FREE ZODIACS cannot exist for any length of time, and have a life in hours or days at the most. A zodiac is not a living entity in the sense of either body or Spirit. Once one realises that there can be free zodiacs, the whole master structure of zodiacs collapses. Every freedom goes as there is nothing to be free from. Postulation is no longer a meditational tool. One has to relearn certain activities but their nature is not obvious to the body. One has to relearn how to think. For cleanup purposes a command list is necessary, and location is about the only thing that will work. In the following, please ensure that having rubbed something's nose in dualities one does relocate it space time.
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