D11. Why bother to be God.

THE PROBLEM WITH CONTROL is that it is bound up with godship. The command list needs to be updated to regain one's control from the zodiacs. What ever one requires must be postulated. Anger is necessary to keep cleansing clean. Subjects include. LOCATION IN SPACE TIME COMMAND LIST needs to be simplified on the following lines. Location beyond infinity appears to be important. Parallel physical universes may be an alternative to beyond the Aether. DESCRIPTIONS OF SUBJECTS. There is a gradient scale of description that can be best demonstrated by example, in this case enemies. Choose your level depending on how vengeful you feel. FREE ABILITY comes into view when one has full control and zodiac material no longer appears. Location in Space, Time and beyond the Aether can be far more important here than postulating the freedoms. Subjects include. LOCATION IN VIRTUE. With the clearance of zodiac material, it is possible to locate on things other than love, hate, and pure malice. One might agree with some of the controls around if one knew what they were and their purpose. Some are definitely put there by Auntie for your own good. Try the following subjects until there is nowhere one cannot locate.

UNIVERSES are good targets and can behave as zodiacs.

BENCHMARKING CONTROL. First all disputes between body and spirit need to sorted out. In any symbiosis like that between body and spirit, each partner may try to dominate the other and often do. Anger appears to be the best solvent. Anger may also be the only genuine emotion of spirit available, so benchmark it again after control. BENCHMARKING FREEDOM.
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