D10. Free Love from beyond the Aether.

BEYOND THE AETHER. We may never know as bodies what is beyond the Aether, but at least it gets one to the other side. Command lists need to be amended. We must clear all channels to other things. However channels appear to be primitive zodiacs to focus attention. We must decide whether to be the wise fool who values his freedom, or a sophisticated clever Dick stuck in zodiac material. FREE LOVE FROM BEYOND THE AETHER. This is the entry point and there is a great wave of very desirable honey in the form of Free Love. However it can turn sour very quickly if it is not kept clean. It is a bottom end emotion of Spirit. It tends to lock one to the bottom and conflict with free will. It is also the top end emotion of the spirit mind and is the source of all theologies, enemies, sources and creators. Free love must be kept clean at all times. At any sign of trouble, delete it from command lists. Love is best reserved for the opposite sex. Sensuality is a good cleansing agent to remove sexual perversion.

FROM BEYOND THE AETHER. The great problem is the multitude of dimensions. We have the physical dimensions plus those of the Aether and those beyond it. There are also energy sources beyond the Aether. Command lists have to be amended. Beingness becomes a form of suppression. We cease to be beings and become entities instead. Subjects include.

GIFTS FROM BEYOND THE AETHER. The following are to be had by going beyond the Aether. Half of them are to be had by just getting the other side of zodiacs and their censorship. There may be omissions in the list. In a state of perfect freedom, no psychological entity can exist. Psychological freedoms can only exist if someone is trying to take them away. A COMMAND LIST to handle current material follows. A few variations will be needed. Free ability, energy and love can be expanded using the above list. Use the first party (I) wherever possible and work outwards. The free gifts are very powerful and too good to waste on feeding zodiacs. Gods and zodiacs are liable to turn around and bite if they are fed more than oneself. Alternatives to cleansing include destruction, incineration, turning-off and switching-off. Subjects include. ENERGY DEFICITS are normally corrected by using first party meditation.

BEINGNESS. There can be no command list at this level as beingness is just a form of suppression to keep the peasants in order (even if they think they are gods). If you find that you are being worshipped as a god, then for your own safety, revoke the rights of your worshipers to worship you as a god. The most probable cause is keeping love in command lists for too long, when one should be looking at higher things. Free Sensuality is a good subject for knocking the nonsense out of free love. If this does not work, try free sex.

LOCATION IN SPACE TIME COMMAND LIST needs to be updated to allow for things beyond the Aether, on the following lines.

Subjects include FREEDOM TO CONTROL. If zodiacs are a recognisable form of control, then there must be a free version to balance it. Therefore instead of switching off fossilised controls, we can switch on the free forms instead. An alternative to turn-on is postulate. Love is not the only freedom with a dark side as they all have one. Technology also contains KGB style psychotronics, zodiac engineering and the creation of zodiacs. FREEDOM FROM can be as important as freedom to. Try the following subjects. One can always reconnect later on one's own terms. Other Subjects include. CONTROL. When cleaning this up, it is only possible to affect anyone who has their claws stuck into you. If they are not trying to control you, they cannot be affected.

CLEANSING OF PSYCHIC ABILITY. If we want more ability, then we have to cleanse all known abilities. This can turn-on all those who wish to stop us doing so. Please note that the ability to heal is not the same as the emotion of healing. Psychic self defence comes first. Any psychic ability involves the technologies and abilities of Spirit, which may not register or make sense in any way on the body. Try the following subjects and go back to cleaning enemies in case of trouble.

TOTAL POSTULATION gives positive feedback and clears any zodiac rubbish left by the freedoms. Run this through the command lists. We will not check on what you postulate. ALL AVAILABLE ZODIACS SHOULD NOW BE DISPATCHED. GOOD HUNTING.

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