D9. Orgone Energy, Free Energy and Zero-Point Energy from the Aether.

FREE, ORGONE, REIKI AND ZERO-POINT ENERGY may all be more similar than they first appear. Zero-point energy is the physical type that may one day drive your car, oil barons and bankers permitting. They all come from the Aether, the void that fills Space and cannot possibly exist under the Laws of Einstein. The Aether cannot exist under the Laws of any Theology or it is God. These energies exist regardless of whether one believes in them or not. However it is possible that zero-point energy will only work if one believes in it and allows it to work. Thus if all the cars in the country ran on zero-point energy, half of them would not start first thing on a Monday morning.

There is plenty of energy, knowledge and other things to be had free of charge from the Aether. That is provided one can kick out all the priests, scientists and bankers who wish to charge you for its use. One has to bypass all the gods and zodiacs that seek to control. Try variations on the following. As we are aiming to be above zodiacs on a personal level, a few changes may be necessary. The limits are those of one's imagination or boggle barriers. Keep realities and identities clean.

Alternatives to cleansing include switching-off, destroy, incinerate and turn-off. Use what ever one wishes to suit one's mood. Subjects include. ENERGY DEFICITS are normally corrected by using first party meditation.

VARIATION FOR BEINGNESS. To be free, one must be one's own god. The archetypal gods are the heroes of the past whose virtues shine out as models for life. The uni-gods are just political control mechanisms and are nothing more than zodiacs. Everyone was a god before organised religion and science decided to strip you of you dignity for political purposes. Satan is best under one's own control. Fossilised beingness is the source of all zodiacs, but it must be developed to the full before it can be switched off. Real time beingness is no problem. One cannot blame religion for loss of personal control of zodiacs and beingness.

A stronger version to cater for zodiacs and beingness follows. HANDLING GODS WHO OBSTRUCT. God may be dead, but there are plenty of beings in body and out trying to take his place. Some of the gods are as much victims as their followers. To clean up specific gods try variations on the following subjects. LOCATION IN SPACE TIME COMMAND LIST needs to be updated to allow for the Aether on the following lines. THE TOTALITIES. To go upwards above godship, try the following. If things get too heavy, switch to the section following (Emptiness). EMPTINESS must be positive to be free of all zodiacs and minds. Problem solving may be great fun, but if one is to be free then even this must be switched on and off as required. THE TOP END OF ZODIACS. Variations on the following subjects seem to be of greatest importance. Fossilised beingness looks like the key to all minds and is the disease of Spirit. HELPING OTHERS. One cannot have what one is not prepared to let others have. Try variations on the following. It does however upset all the black magicians. PSYCHIC ABILITY. The writer appears to have just enough psychic ability to sort out the problems of Spirit. Thus Spirit appears to behave as just another zodiac, taking all and giving next to nothing in return.
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