D8. Signatures and Freeloaders.

SIGNATURES. Whether remote meditation goes across in peace or in war, depends largely on the emotions used. One method of directing this is with signatures between command lists. A signature is a short message to give a direction to intention and possibly ask questions. One must be careful not to unwittingly create memes as this will rebound on one's karma. With a suitable signature to direct meditation, it is usually possible use generalised subjects in command lists. Some examples follow. HANDLING FREELOADERS. Genuine spirit guides have something to give. As they cannot meditate properly themselves, they need your help in meditation. This is fair trade. Similarly one has few objections to helping one's genuine nearest and dearest and real friends. As one gains in enlightenment, spirit guides have less to give. Freeloaders may be out of body like daemons, in body like other remote viewers tapping in, or just some form of vampire.

COLLECTING THE RENT. If freeloaders can be made to do something in return, then we return to fair trading. This can be done by signatures or by adding extra lines into a command list to suit one's objectives. Some examples are below. Some of the possible crosslinks are quite bizarre.

HEALING and love are substandard emotions. However for a society to hold together, its members must take responsibility for the well being of each other. A person cannot send healing to another as such, as this will only feed low minds and vampires. The trick is to command all entities creating illness to take responsibility for their actions. Alternatively command the victim to destroy his parasitic minds, or make these minds take responsibility for their actions. One can also play one low mind off against another.

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