D7. The Creation and Postulation of Energy.

It is all too easy to run out of energy to finance one's operations. Cleaning out enemies within can leave a vacuum that needs to be filled. The answer is to synthesise or create something more suitable to take its place. This is expanding the positive.

The other main cause of trouble is running out of personal responsibility at the level at which one is working.

Please note that minds create while Spirit synthesises. Creation can wake up a bit too much. Use synthesis first in the following lists. Try creation as an alternative when one is happy with synthesis. Totality follows the rules of the top end of Spirit, where there is no logic. Thus these are straight exclamations or commands as any gifts are unlikely to come from the current ego, any mind or the public face of Spirit.

Clean up list of subjects for use in other command lists. POSTULATION. This is positive thinking, or what I say is. This is a function of Spirit and is on a higher level than either synthesis or creation. Often things must be postulated in order to bring them into existence. If one postulates something unfortunate, it will come out using other procedures. Try variations on the following. POSTULATING REMOTELY. Since any ego in the centre of awareness is not a good creator of psi, one might as well postulate it remotely. This is also good for improving the games of other spirit entities.
The Following was adapted from later sections after the writer had discovered the anatomy of zodiac material. As it contains zodiac material (see section D2), it should have more teeth. You may have to make changes for your particular needs.

LOVE can turn sour very quickly if it is not kept clean. It is a bottom end emotion of Spirit. It tends to lock one to the bottom and conflict with free will. It is also the top end emotion of the spirit mind and is the source of all theologies, enemies, sources and creators. Love must be kept clean at all times with Freedom from Love. At any sign of trouble, delete it from command lists. Love is usually best reserved for the opposite sex. Sensuality is the best cleansing agent for love to remove sexual perversion. Healing also helps to cleanse love.

RESPONSIBILITY in real time is essential. However every fossilised or obsolete responsibility for some action is balance out by a responsibility to some fossilised or obsolete entity. Thus all forms of fossilised responsibility are redundant.

DESTRUCTION. If there is such a thing as Original Sin, then it is the failure to destroy old rubbish. Thus we are clogged up with obsolete creations which need to be destroyed. Obsolete creations can be our most valued possessions and our biggest liabilities. Incineration can be a useful alternative.

FREEDOM FROM obsolete and fossilised material can be as important as freedom to. Try the following. One can always reconnect later on one's own terms. Some of this is Zodiac material as described in section D2. FREEDOM TO is equally important, especially the destruction of all rubbish. Failure to clean up is probably the cause of all current conditions. Add in others to suit oneself.

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