Viking, Pagan and other religious Links. History Dept of the University of North Texas. Godt Spørgsmål! hvad betyder viking Ufología Heterodoxa. El desafío extraterrestre en el siglo XXI The Futhark alphabet, which is also called the Runic (1) stemmed from the very same origin as did the ancient Turkish (2) inscriptions with Gokturk (3) alphabet. Alas, Birka in central Sweden, "the town of the Vikings", might not have been inhabited by "Vikings" at all, in spite of the popular view, nor was it governed by the local "king" or his retinue. The development of Birka would then eventually be understood as a consequence of the development of the Silkroad to the North. The Pagan Federation Online. Links to USA, PF International - Sweden - Belgium - Netherlands - Ireland - Canada. Yorvik Viking Centre and the Archaeological Research Centre (UK). Providers of good sweat shirts for winding up the establishment.

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