Zen and Psychotherapists List.

This list is published on the basis of Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware. The webmaster is not in a position to check anybody's effectiveness or their charges. Also be cautious if one believes oneself to be psychic. Some people believe all psychics must be destroyed at all times at all costs without question.

All claims made are from the web sites listed and not the Webmaster

www.censorthis.com/ouran/ghosthome.html.. This is a series of articles intended for the serious spiritual student. I am a philosophical researcher. I do not have a practice to promote here. Please be advised that the intention of this site is to communicate to those other researchers and practitioners who are working to free and rehabilitate others -- especially those in what is called the Free Zone.
www.scribd.com/doc/104957101/The-Ghost-Danse-Articles-reformatted.. The Ghost Danse Articles (reformatted).

www.freezoneearth.org.. Contrary to popular belief there IS life after Scientology, and that life starts with the FreeZone!

www.freezoneearth.org/littlepurplenotebook.. by Maximilian Joachim Sandor. The 'Little Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe' is the pocket edition of the dreaded volumes of 'Pnohteftu' which, fortunately for mankind, was and will be lost forever somewhere in time.

www.freezoneamerica.org.. Contrary to popular belief there IS life after Scientology, and that life starts with the FreeZone! A Clearing Site

freezoneearth.org.. FreeZone America: These are some links to other sites in the Free Zone and beyond, that may be of interest to you.

www.lermanet.com.. WE COME BACK for our friends and family to get them out of Scientology while they are still alive

www.censorthis.com.. Censor This is a printed punk zine the content of which is a mix of punk rock bands, art, obnoxious stories and sharp eCONTENT.

www.unicephalon-40d.net/tantra/index.html.. #tantra @ irc.undernet.org. #tantra is a chat room on the realtime , flop, I mean network called Undernet. In this channel / chat-room we are supposed to help and understand each other and Tantra.

masterchris.org.. self-development / practical spirituality / life-coaching / practical metaphysics

orunla.org.. Egbe Ifa Ogbonori Ijo Orunmila. (Voodoo technology)). Break through the appearances in your everyday life to arrive at your true core! Turn your life into an experience free of fear and guilt! Rediscover the basic laws of this Universe through an interactive process that leads to an intuitive and lasting understanding of what is really important in your life!

groups.yahoo.com/group/techs4reality/.. List for discussion of different realities, meta-realities, and technologies for increasing ones ability to handle reality effectively. This can include self-development, practical philosophies, science, and spiritual approaches to reality.

www.ivymag.org.. IVy, the familiar name for International Viewpoints is an on paper magazine, sent five times a year Internationally to those who subscribe. Here is the place to look if you are interested in using Freezone Clearing and Enhancement Technology to help yourself and others.

www.abilitymeters.com.. Ability Meters International. The Ability Meter Model 3a takes advantage of state-of-the-art electronics to provide the highest quality available in biofeedback instrumentation using the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) principle.

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