List of Dowsing Sites Clear the energy in your house and discover a 'lighter' more welcoming environment! The Society was formed in 28th of February 1993 by a group of like-minded people wanting to explore and encourage the different aspects and uses of Dowsing and Divining. We cover an areas of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Glamorgan, but if you are down on holiday and you wish to join in our meetings please feel free to turn up on the door. The main purpose of dowsing’s is to create healthy and harmonious surroundings by finding that what is hidden, geopathic stress in one of the main challenges to that end. Yes but what is it? Simple put geopathic stress usually water veins or geological faults, this energy affects us all the time when we are present at the affected location, even if we are not always aware of it. Välkommen till JORDSTRÅLNINGSCENTRUM / ADANTE. Här kan du läsa och lära om många olika saker inom det alternativa området: Aura, chakra, alternativ hälsa, andlighet, tankens kraft, guider, ledsagare, dolda outnyttjade förmågor, jordstrålning, pendel mm Leylines & other energylines. Long strong leylines in the Netherlands and Belgium. Leylines and other energylines described with the characteristics the various energies have. Powerplaces & sacred sites & sanctuaries. In past ages sanctuaries were situated on power-places (leycentres). Holy places of our ancestors; kathedrals, old churches, Roman temples, holy trees, sacred hills, tumuli, stone circles, and dolmens. Per-Uno Franssons hemsida med info om jordstr�lning, UFOn & utomjordingar, Reiki Healing Master, Astrologi, Numerologi, Kinesiologi, Touch-for-Health, Country, M�larb�ltet, Kroppspulsering, Holistic Pulsing, Irisdiagnostik, Kroppselektronik Adermark is an online pendulum shop that offers a wide range of Pendulums and Dowsing Rods for sale such as Brass Pendulums, divining rods, and bobbers, etc. Your entry point to organizations and individuals who are involved with Dowsing in Canada. You are invited to read an explanation of how Dowsing works, to learn of its many uses, to contact Dowsing groups in your area so that you can develope your own Dowsing abilities, to discuss Dowsing matters with others worldwide, and to access the services of Professional Dowsers. Learning Dowsing skills and using a Pendulum to detect landmines. (The old jibe about this activity is that by the time your have located the landmine, you are standing on it. Webmaster.) Ohio Buckeye Dowsers meets April-Nov in Richland, Ohio. Come join us! Wyvern Dowsing Society - Affiliated to The British Society of Dowsers. The Society Meetings are held at The Woodshaw Inn, Garraways, Woodshaw, Royal Wootton Bassett, nr Swindon, Wilts. SN4 8RB. The meetings start at 8 p.m. on the 3rd Monday of each month unless otherwise advertised.. The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why. Clive Gardener BSc, FRGS. Pwll-Du / Blaenavon. Tunnel Research and Exploration Group (TREG). Also the history of diving: a video-film in two parts. Narrated by Rob Palmer. A love for adventure, the thirst for seeking out answers from the unknown and that elusive quest for discovering a more perfect beauty than seen before.

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