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For Self-Development + Socialising.

Speakers with expertise in the areas currently referred to as mind, body and spirit are invited to give monthly talks. These are often experimental and inspire learning, sharing, discussion and personal growth. Evenings end with refreshments and a light-hearted social in which you can mingle with like-minded people who have similar interests.

Friday 6th May 2016
with Ian Taylor

The very basis of mediumship is to prove survival of physical death. Mediums do this in public demonstrations by reuniting you with your loved ones, bringing you evidence of their character, personality and showing some knowledge of family life such as the dates of birthdays, anniversaries or passings. Once this has been successfully achieved, they may go forward to give spiritual or material guidance. This will be a fascinating evening, whether you have lost a loved one or not.

Ian has been serving as a medium at Spiritualist churches for over thirty years. He has practised abroad and has appeared on television.

Friday 3rd June 2016
with Dr John Rowan

Integral Spirituality offers an approach to counselling and psychotherapy which explicitly takes into account Wilber's four quadrants: the individual consciousness; the person's background and family origins; the surrounding social environment; and the person's health and physical wellbeing.

It also takes into account the various levels within each of these, the most salient of which is often the individual difference between the Mental Ego level and the Centaur level, in Wilber's formulation. It also includes what Wilber calls the Subtle level of consciousness, the spiritual world.

John has been in touch with Ken Wilber since 1982, and has corresponded with him upon Integral Spirituality. They finally met in 2014 and immediately established a good rapport. As a therapist, John finds his model very useful, as it is simple and practical.

Short talks by Ken Wilber can be found on YouTube.

Friday 1st July
with Veronica Dodds

  With a fragmenting NHS people are turning to complementary medicine. Astrology and health care have been linked for many years and only went underground in the 16th century. Astrology is holistic and sees people as body, mind and spirit. Body-mind medicine is becoming acceptable again and the birth chart can show the underlying psychological patterns that can lead to illness. Many health problems are our soul communicating with us that we are not living in harmony with our essence. Astrology's potential as a diagnostic tool and guide to recovery is huge.

A birth chart reading on Veronica's first Saturn Return galv-anised her into training as an Astrologer with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Her background is in the performing arts, but she now works as an Astrologer, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist.

Friday 5th August
with Martin Twycross

  The purpose of mediumship is to demonstrate that our loved ones survive physical death. A medium does this in a public demonstration by reuniting loved ones and conveying evid-ence about them, such as their character, personality, and health. Once recognised, the spirit communicator will usually go on to give a message, or guidance to the recipient.

This is sure to be a fascinating evening, whether you have lost a loved one or not. If you have a photograph of someone you knew well, who is now in spirit, please bring it.

Martin is a Spiritualist medium with a passion for demonstrating and teaching mediumship to the highest standards. He has been a working platform medium for over 10 years and regularly demonstrates and teaches at churches and centres in the UK and abroad. He holds a CSNU award in demonstrating mediumship.

Friday 2nd September
with Sue Merlyn Farebrother

  Our society is quick to judge us, from childhood on. Society's idea of success is usually to do with achievement in the outer world - the exam passed, the job or the promotion obtained, and so on. The UK is a Capricorn, and thus achievement-oriented, country, so perhaps it is not surprising that success is particularly applauded here.

In this talk, Sue will explore alternative definitions of failure and success, and looks at how we can change our reactions when they don't work out, or when they do.

We'll also look at what both success and failure mean to us individually - bring your own stories.

Sue has already given us the benefit of her expertise in Astrology and Tarot. Tonight is a departure, in which she delves into a phenomenon that has long intrigued her.

Friday 7th October
with Suzy Isted

  Come prepared to take part in an experiential evening, exploring Druidry as a practice and opening up some of the themes and ideas which form the core of this often misunderstood nature religion. There will be a bit of storytelling, some practical activity and a guided meditation alongside some hopefully interesting information about what a 21st century Druid living in Croydon might get up to!

Suzy has been a practicing druid (with a small 'd'!) for the past 15 years, and lives in Croydon with her husband and baby boy. She is a member of a small Grove in mid-Sussex and often attends public events hosted by the Anderida Gorsedd also in Sussex. Her first experience of Druid study was through the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids but she maintains that it is the university of nature which has most to teach us. 

Friday 4th November
with Bob Sauer

  What is going on when we are meditating? Is it good for us and, if so, how? Could it even be harmful? For over fifty years now scientists of different persuasions have been trying to investigate whether it works and, if it does, what it does to us and for us. There is a mountain of research into TM, mindfulness and even some into the more obscure Buddhist forms. Come and hear whether you should be meditating at all and, if so, which one of the many variants may be best for you.

Bob Sauer will already be familiar to many of you from his previous talks. He has great enthusiasm for his subjects, which are thoroughly researched and illustrated with fascinating examples. Bob has been trying various forms of meditation for some years,but is not proficient at any of them. He was originally trained in TM.

Friday 2nd December
with Bernard Winchester

  In 2006 The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins was published and at once became a best-seller. It argued cogently and wittily that belief in religion is irrational and absurd and should be replaced by trust in science. In 2012 fellow Oxbridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake hit back with The Science Delusion, which confronts scientific materialism by questioning the ten principles upon which it is based and contending that ironically they are themselves assumptions or beliefs rather than proven truths.

This brave no-holds barred contest between two of the intellectual heavyweights of our time upon what is perhaps the ultimate question is as stimulating as it is provocative. Tonight we will weigh the two sides of the debate so that we can come to a better informed view.

Bernard was formerly a lecturer; he has always been interested in life's mysteries and came across Richard Dawkins’ books while researching Spiral Dynamics. He has met and attended talks by Rupert Sheldrake several times.

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