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Alternatively Speaking - New age Group.
For Self-Development + Socialising.

Speakers with expertise in the areas currently referred to as mind, body and spirit are invited to give monthly talks. These are often experimental and inspire learning, sharing, discussion and personal growth. Evenings end with refreshments and a light-hearted social in which you can mingle with like-minded people who have similar interests.

Friday 4th November
with Bob Sauer

  What is going on when we are meditating? Is it good for us and, if so, how? Could it even be harmful? For over fifty years now scientists of different persuasions have been trying to investigate whether it works and, if it does, what it does to us and for us. There is a mountain of research into TM, mindfulness and even some into the more obscure Buddhist forms. Come and hear whether you should be meditating at all and, if so, which one of the many variants may be best for you.

Bob Sauer will already be familiar to many of you from his previous talks. He has great enthusiasm for his subjects, which are thoroughly researched and illustrated with fascinating examples. Bob has been trying various forms of meditation for some years,but is not proficient at any of them. He was originally trained in TM.

Friday 2nd December
with Bernard Winchester

  In 2006 The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins was published and at once became a best-seller. It argued cogently and wittily that belief in religion is irrational and absurd and should be replaced by trust in science. In 2012 fellow Oxbridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake hit back with The Science Delusion, which confronts scientific materialism by questioning the ten principles upon which it is based and contending that ironically they are themselves assumptions or beliefs rather than proven truths.

This brave no-holds barred contest between two of the intellectual heavyweights of our time upon what is perhaps the ultimate question is as stimulating as it is provocative. Tonight we will weigh the two sides of the debate so that we can come to a better informed view.

Bernard was formerly a lecturer; he has always been interested in life's mysteries and came across Richard Dawkins’ books while researching Spiral Dynamics. He has met and attended talks by Rupert Sheldrake several times.

Friday 6th January 2017
with Claire Franck

Who is going to stop you achieving your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals? Well actually it is your ‘shadow’ self. That little devil who sits on your shoulder whispering in your ear. “You failed before so what is the point?”. Using the tarot cards, let us explore your shadow self and see where your ‘little voice’ comes from.. Let’s find out what you really want, and how you can achieve it. This evening will be an evening of sharing (if you want) and exploring your shadow self.

Claire was given a set of tarot cards in 1999, and they soon became her passion and inspiration in life. After successfully studying and completing tarot courses, she left behind her London career to set up her own business called Eclairage. Now she runs workshops, discussion groups and offers tarot therapy.

Friday 3rd February 2017
with Catherine Pestano

Since Pythagorus, it has been known that sound and voice can be beneficial for many physical and mental health conditions, as well as helping us raise our mood in general. Tonight we will hear about the latest research in sound, voice and wellbeing and how it can help us. We will learn practical techniques for self healing including toning for the Chakras and create a vocal sound bath together. No exp-erience in singing is required and all sounds are welcome.

Catherine, a mental health social worker and community arts practitioner, loves sharing sound and music healing practices and is passionate that this is for everyone.

  Highly qualified in all of these areas, she is taking a range of initiatives, with the aim of enhancing and enriching the lives of people, both in Croydon and beyond.

Friday 3rd March 2017
with Kerrie Galen

The mind can influence our reactions and thoughts in ways that are hidden to us. In dreams the subconscious invents symbols, sometimes from memories, sometimes from its own intricate fantasy codes.

One way to access the deep memories of the subconscious mind is to use sandplay figurines to represent its symbols. Symbols call to us because something inside ourselves resonates, or recognises itself, in them. By connecting to what is unconscious in us, they can support emotional healing and personal development.

During the talk we will each be invited to choose a symbol and reflect upon what it means to us.

Kerrie is a professional counsellor in private practice. She uses clay, sand and symbol and creative activities to help uncover and shine the light on a different view which can bring about new understanding and deep change.

Friday 7th April 2017
with Sue Farebrother

A few days before this talk Britain will experience two of its annual changes: the Spring Equinox (20 March) and the clocks go forward (26 March). Based on the chart for the Spring Equinox, plus some major planetary transits, Sue will talk about what this may mean for this country in the coming months. Will this year be a more positive one or will there be challenges that affect us all?

If you have your own chart, please bring it.

Sue qualified as a professional astrologer more than 20 years ago. She teaches for astrological schools and has a private practice. Her first book, Astrology Decoded, is a step-by-step guide to learning astrology, published in January 2013. She also works with the tarot and counselling.

Friday 5th May 2017
with Laurence Gentry

This talk/seminar will look at spirituality in poetry throughout the ages and in different cultures. The focus will be on English and American poets such as Wordsworth, Tennyson, Shelley, Walt Whitman - although we will also look at Rumi and Omar Khayyam.

A limited number of copies of poems and extracts will be available. However, as the aim is to make this an interactive evening, we are encouraged to bring along poems or extracts of our own: everyone's philosophical view is welcome.

Laurence is a qualified (secondary school) English teacher who has been teaching English and E.F.L. for many years and is currently tutoring on a one-to-one basis. He has further developed his interest in poetry, reading English, French Spanish and American poets. He has also written some unpublished verse.

Friday 2nd June 2017
with Janet Maile

For most of her life, Janet felt she had a message to give the world – but nobody was listening. Then she found a way to turn her spiritual ideas into commercial fiction and the first of a two-part science fiction story by her was published earlier this year.

Janet will explain why Positive Thinking is a myth, and give you the techniques you really need to turn your dreams into reality.

Bring your birth chart if you have one.

Janet started writing for profit 30 years ago and has had many articles and stories published. More recently, she has been writing novels. Second Genesis, a science fiction suspense story, is her first. Her second, a romance set in World War II, will be published later this year.

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Meetings usually take place every FIRST FRIDAY in the month. Admission £7.00. Doors Open - 7.45 p.m. Programme Begins 8.00 p.m. Social & Refreshments - 9.45 p.m. approx. Programme may be subject to change on occasion. of Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self Defence.