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Alternatively Speaking - New age Group.
For Self-Development + Socialising.

Speakers with expertise in the areas currently referred to as mind, body and spirit are invited to give monthly talks. These are often experimental and inspire learning, sharing, discussion and personal growth. Evenings end with refreshments and a light-hearted social in which you can mingle with like-minded people who have similar interests.

Friday 4th December 2015
with Tracy Seed

This engaging and active session will offer a basic introduction to the foundations of NVC, also known as Compassionate. This is the work of Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. During the evening, we will explore the different ways we hear and respond to messages that we find challenging. We practice communicating in ways that are more likely to result in everyone’s needs being met. 

Tracy has over 25 years’ experience working with individuals and groups internationally. She has a personal journey of spiritual awakenings and soul work. She began practicing NVC during 2005 after attending her first training with its creator. She is an independent NVC trainer in UK and CNVC international trainer candidate.

Friday 8th January 2016
(N.B. this is the 2nd Friday of the month)
with Lauretta Hurman

2015 saw NASA's Pluto fly-by give us breathtakingly detailed pictures of the planet's surface, never seen before. Data, still being processed, is continuing to yield lots of surprises.

But what surprises does the astrological Pluto promise to reveal in 2016, especially for businesses, governments and establishments, as well as individuals? And what challenges and opportunities do the planetary aspects hold for our sun signs in the year ahead? Corruption or destruction, tragedy or triumph; witness the unpredictable being made predictable this evening.

Lauretta's entry into astrology was mirrored by a major planetary episode in 1985. Since then, she has given a number of very successful talks, the most recent being on the effects and influence of the planet Saturn. 

Friday 5th February 2016
with Laurence Gentry

Based upon the ideas of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book "Flow", Laurence will illustrate some of the “principles" that can enable people to transform boring and meaningless activities into ones full of enjoyment. He will introduce the phenomenon of "flow" and, together with examples from his own experience, show how this concept can lead to states of joy, creativity and total involvement.

The talk will be both interactive and informative.

Laurence is a qualified teacher, hypnotherapist and tennis coach. Over the last decade, he has developed an interest in psychology and (non-dogma based) spirituality. Tonight's talk will incorporate his experience from these disciplines.

Friday 4th March 2016
with Kerrie Galen

Kerrie discovered in her experience as a therapist that many people's struggles and suffering develop through trying to guard secrets, sometimes leading to lies, believing they are protecting others.

During her talk she will share snippets of real case studies to demonstrate how complex things become when trying to avoid truth and exposure.

The evening will be interactive, with exercises and group discussion to stimulate thinking. Participants will be encouraged to interrupt and ask questions during the talk.

Kerrie is a therapist working in private practice in Croydon. She studied drama, film, media and psychology as an undergraduate, and then completed a Masters Degree in Counselling with extra study in artistic therapy and Gestalt. She worked for 8 years with a national family charity in Australia as a counsellor, developing further understanding of people working in palliative care, mental health and children's specialist services in the UK before becoming self employed.

Friday 1st April 2016
with Linda Sadler

Come along and find out how this tradition started. Discover more about the role of THE FOOL in the Tarot, in Court life and the Fool's journey we take through life. Linda has been working in the field of spiritual, inner development for over twenty years.

Friday 6th May 2016
with Ian Taylor

The very basis of mediumship is to prove survival of physical death. Mediums do this in public demonstrations by reuniting you with your loved ones, bringing you evidence of their character, personality and showing some knowledge of family life such as the dates of birthdays, anniversaries or passings. Once this has been successfully achieved, they may go forward to give spiritual or material guidance. This will be a fascinating evening, whether you have lost a loved one or not.

Ian has been serving as a medium at Spiritualist churches for over thirty years. He has practised abroad and has appeared on television.

Friday 3rd June 2016
with Dr John Rowan

Integral Spirituality offers an approach to counselling and psychotherapy which explicitly takes into account Wilber's four quadrants: the individual consciousness; the person's background and family origins; the surrounding social environment; and the person's health and physical wellbeing.

It also takes into account the various levels within each of these, the most salient of which is often the individual difference between the Mental Ego level and the Centaur level, in Wilber's formulation. It also includes what Wilber calls the Subtle level of consciousness, the spiritual world.

John has been in touch with Ken Wilber since 1982, and has corresponded with him upon Integral Spirituality. They finally met in 2014 and immediately established a good rapport. As a therapist, John finds his model very useful, as it is simple and practical.

Short talks by Ken Wilber can be found on YouTube.

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Meetings usually take place every FIRST FRIDAY in the month. Admission £7.00. Doors Open - 7.45 p.m. Programme Begins 8.00 p.m. Social & Refreshments - 9.45 p.m. approx. Programme may be subject to change on occasion. of Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self Defence.